Ola app - referral code - how to use

Ola app referral code - how to use

Recently, a video transcript surfaced about utilizing the Ola referral code on the Ola app. According to the video, accessing the referral code feature is straightforward, though the app seems to be exclusively available for Android users at this time.

Here's a breakdown on how to utilize the referral code feature on the Ola app:

Sign up on the Ola driver app: Android users can download the Ola driver app to get started.

  • Note: The app is not currently available on iPhone, so iPhone users have to use the website to access the service.
  1. Navigate to the Ola app menu: Look for the "earn" option on the menu to locate your referral code.
  2. Share your referral code: Start inviting friends by sharing your unique referral code and Ola app download link.
  3. Be unique: Encourage your friends to use your code by emphasizing the benefits of using Ola and the unique incentives it offers.

In the video, the speaker highlights the importance of being proactive in sharing the referral code to maximize its benefits. While the specifics of the referral program are not fully disclosed, the general idea is to promote Ola by utilizing the referral code effectively.

It's essential to note the distinction between Ola driver referral and Alla referral, as mentioned in the video. As of now, the scope of the referral program seems limited to Alla referrals.

In conclusion, leveraging the Ola app referral code can be a beneficial way to introduce friends to the platform and potentially earn rewards in the process. While the app availability may be restricted to Android for now, utilizing the website can still enable iPhone users to participate in the referral program.

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