Ola driver referral code is exclusive to the Ola driver app, available only on the Android Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app is currently not supported on iOS devices. When you access your profile within the Ola driver app, you will find a 'refer' button specifically designed for drivers, not regular users who book trips.

Upon clicking on the 'refer' button, you will be presented with your unique referral code. This code allows you to refer friends to join Ola as drivers and earn rewards as they sign up. Within the app, you can track your referral earnings, pending referrals, and attached referrals. When ready to refer a friend, simply tap on 'refer now' at the bottom of the screen.

To participate, invite your friends to join Ola using your referral code. By using the provided code during their registration process, both you and your friends stand to benefit from the referral program. It's recommended to explore this feature and see its impact firsthand.

Although the exact audience eligible for this referral program may not be explicitly mentioned in the video transcript, it is worth experimenting with the feature to understand its full functionality. Whether it caters to all Ola drivers or also extends to individuals booking trips with Ola remains to be clarified. Give it a try and ascertain its applicability within your specific context.

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