Omegle - chat with strangers - app overview

so here's your michael video chat app overview so basically if you tap on your profile um that's basically yeah where you can basically sign up and create your profile add some photos and your username at your age language and all of that in top left you can just create select the filter select the gender your orientation and change supply and you can do it for free so you don't need to buy it to select filter there is no option to select a location like a radius and all of that so basically then you can just see the icons of users um like something like that then you can just go there you can favorite or chat uh you can also report spam and report or reporting block user or something like that if you think this is a scam or something inappropriate like in a lot of these random video chat apps you usually will have that so that's basically the idea and then um [Music] here in top left uh you yeah then you can just tap to chat then you can see people who are online uh then you can see messages if there are messages available for you who visited you who liked you you can see all of that um then you can see favorites uh subscription so boost your experience upgrade to premium and unlock all the advanced features increase chat limit enable chats with vip users find out who visited your profile discover who liked you do you want to try premium activate a free trial and get three days for free get three days for free then just 39.99 per year so you can get that you can also restore your subscription and yeah if you subscribe to another device and then you can just rate of course just rate the app so basically that's the app that's the new omagle app which was updated recently i think there were so many like omega apps uh they were changing that with different names or something like that um then the original app was i don't know it wasn't available anymore and everything um and then yeah if you just search your mug right now basically you will see the app um so that's the idea um here you can just yeah just search for it and then it should pop up so basically yep there are also a bunch of other apps um yeah i think i i mean this one so this is the app on my gold chat uh so you can you can see who is the developer developer is mars view so maybe it's not the original app anyway and they're like the writing is pretty low honestly but it is what it is so thank you for watching

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