Omegle - chat with strangers - how to create account

here is the updated omegle app on michael chat with strangers so let's just try to install it um and yep just let's see how it's different so there are so many this real-time video chat apps to be honest a lot of them are just literally like scammy and uh really not the highest quality so just don't expect a lot of you know quality from these apps um but yeah let's just take a look uh oh my god makes it easy to find new friends online and with thousands of new users joining every day or michael is the fastest easiest and most fun way to meet new people from all around the world just a couple of easy steps you can create your profile and begin exploring a great community you can send a text message search for friends check new profiles browser continuous stream of new faces and much more enjoy communicating with people around the world who share the same interests as you you could start a one-to-one chat to exchange ideas anytime with amazing people today so then you can just tap to open the omega lab and yep let's just see how it works can you create an account or here is your profile so then you can just tap to sign up and basically here you can just add your email so for example if i want to add my email [Music] and then i just can add some um so then you can select man orientation age english language and then there you have it accept and continue so you can also need to upload some photo so you need to give access to the photo so just the head or anything and just tap save and there you have it sets the process of creating an account here and that's the updated app because previously this app was um yeah was another one i think it was deleted from the app store or something and then uh there you have it

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