Opal: Screen time for focus - app overview

here's interesting app called opal screen time for focus let's just install it and see how how it works there are a bunch of trending apps in this category where you know you just want to make more Focus out of your screen time on a mobile phone and get less distraction from Instagram Tick Tock Twitter whatever um all pulse helps you to focus so you can make the most out of every day for hours that's the average time you will spend looking at your phone today with a combination of app restrictions real-time feedback and rewards you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams our part our pal cut uh my screen time by two hours per day uh so yeah let's just open it up and see how it helps this app kind of works so here is the app let's just type get started what's your daily average screen time three four hours let's say how old are you um so now let's see how this app works and what's the process uh um so yeah a connector pal to screen time securely uh and then yeah instantly you will see this prompt to push you to the uh yeah to start your uh trial and then there is seven day free trial and then there is 99.99 per year um I'm not sure if there is uh yes sir if you scroll down you can skip for now so here you can see some stats uh and then you select your most destruction distracting apps uh I have a bunch of those yeah so maybe that's the ones uh so here's your work time apps blocked scheduler work our session so here is the work time and and at least one friend to succeed and then uh yeah again they want me to upgrade and then I can just create an account and then yeah so I just have a uh this app and then this is like my work time here which I have and then I can I don't know uh that's basically the idea I can see sessions can slim It app limits allow you to use apps for set time each day before blocking them for a cooldown period and then yeah for example let's then just try to open Twitter what will happen Twitter was blocked by opal so you have set up to block this app so it's pretty cool so now I can't open any social app in this time frame until until like 5 PM it's pretty cool um and then I can see all the apps here I can see that they're kind of all blocked then I can just tap take a break and then if I take a break seems I can visit all these apps again so that's the idea I can then edit session uh set a specific time I can add it when I want to set up this work time and uh difficulty normal defocus you can take breaks around the session early uh so yeah uh so yeah there you have it and then you have just you can have different sessions for different periods of time you can edit those you can be you can just block them in the morning or anything so it's pretty cool idea and it works pretty nicely as you can see I just can't open Twitter I can't open telegram um anything and then I just know that I need to be focused on work so there you had so pretty interesting app I like the idea hope that's helpful

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