hello everyone so let's just go through the overview of opentable app like how it looks like how to use it so seems this app is getting back in the top charts um so yep uh so here you can just create an account easily with your email and basically yeah you will see if you just type the location you can also add some shortcuts at your home at your work and all of that and then basically yep you can just add all the possible options here and then yeah for example in the top usually there are some promoted places um yeah so for example this restaurant you can see the rating you can see the reviews you can see that how many times it was booked today like the available times there is a 15 minute grace period please call us if you're running later than 15 minutes after your reservation time you may contact you about this reservation please ensure your email and phone number are up to date so yep so you can try that you can see all the photos just like you know and then you can just tap on specific time and then reservation requires a credit card no shows or cancellations less than two days in advance will be subject to a charge of twenty five dollars per person um so less than two days in advance even if you cancel you will still need to buy so just have that and then payment method you can just add that you can add specific payment method just add debit credit card or just use apple pie so there you have it of course then you can just search all the earth's reservations take a look here so here's interesting points uh you can get thousand points for making a booking at this restaurant like a specific time so by doing that um yeah collect thousand points um so you can use that and basically yep uh um your thousand points uh then can be used in your account to make fu future reservation and this this program will actually help you out so that's it basically then the reservations then there are updates so there you have it and then you have your account here and then yeah so and then i just have like all these points so you can earn all these points uh 20 dollar hotel savings beer kayak 40 dollar hurdle savings like amazon gift card and there you have it then you have all your details you can change your communications you can have this payment mat as help and support if you want to delete your account or anything and just reach out to help and support and do that um so yeah that's the idea uh basically then you can also just search for all of this you have saved then you can have reservations you can have updates um [Music] so something like that uh you will see all your reservations your history of course you can just bookmark your restaurants so uh if i just have like one restaurant nerby and then just bookmark and there you have it updates update your search no i don't know so something like that and then there is also some kind of delivery which you can use it so um doordash if you're trying that you can just use some of this and yeah basically that's the process here other than that i hope this is helpful that's the overview you can just also use this kind of likes and dislikes for algorithm of open table this can be helpful and i don't know what experience is uh so actually this is not just you know just like cafe a restaurant booking but you can just book this use open table to book all of that uh experiences and attractions i guess and some like you know some interesting places uh some twilight show testifier like you know stuff like that so for example if some restaurant or something has some show or some interesting event you can book that as well so hope that is helpful overall this is the app it's getting back in trends people try to go out more and all of that so they try to use this app to book it in advance hope that is helpful

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