OPENTABLE APP - how to create account?

hello everyone um so here is open table app find restaurant reservations book and enjoy extraordinary dining experiences around the world in our 52 000 restaurants worldwide with opentable app so maybe this app is just going back in the in the usage and just interesting to rediscover it to take back a look uh how to use it yeah how to book tables in just a few taps reserve a modifier reservation anytime anywhere you can also send an rsvp to friends right from the app repeat rebook your favorite spot with ease or try something new from a list of personalized recommendations manage keep tabs on all your important operable stats dietary preferences and dining points which you can redeem for dining rewards and travel deals on okay that's uh interesting so let's just take a look here maybe the app is good so basically you can just uh yeah you can just take a look here so then you can just try to sign up okay let's just create an account and then i need to receive a code here so yeah you can either sign up confirm it's you then i just need to confirm email so there you have it that's basically how you create an account in opentable app just in case uh then you can also go to account settings um so yes something like that and then you can just explore uh the places so here you can just search and yeah basically for example there are promoted spaces of course so you can view some safety precautions and then you can just book like this this reservations requires and then just tap continue and there you have it so something like that i hope that is helpful and then uh thank you for watching

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