Othersidemeta - you walllet wasn’t approved - what you can do?

so here is everyone is waiting for other site mata uh launch but you need to pre-approve your wallet some people see this this error your wallet was not approved what you can do and some people also get in the issue yes i got the same scene from my approved qyc coinbase wallet really wanted participate in this it would have been my first nft some people say you need to re-approach kyc some people say you can't run pro kc at this moment so so that's basically it so unfortunately that's i don't know how to solve it or something um so this is probably some kind of issue here i don't know how to solve it if you have any advice how to do it uh just leave in the comments below it would be interesting to hear your opinion seems like if you have this message unfortunately you won't be able to participate in in this launch from other side mother because there is some like issue with your kyc verification and it can't be solved that easy that's what i've got my impression from reading this twitter thread but if you know any other ways to help other people just leave in the comments below

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