Outlook App Search Remove - overview of possible workarounds

Outlook App Search Remove - Overview of Possible Workarounds

A strange bug has been discovered in the Outlook app that affects the app's search bar located above the message list. This issue occurred after updating to version 24.02, leaving users puzzled. Microsoft has confirmed that this is indeed a bug, and it has no relation to your laptop or Wi-Fi connection. Fortunately, an official fix for this bug is expected to be released on the 13th of February.

If you're willing to wait, the simplest solution would be to update your Outlook app on the 13th or 14th of February, after the official fix has been made available. However, if you prefer not to wait, there are a few workarounds that you can try:

  1. Remove Read&Paint: By tapping "View" and setting the Read&Paint option to the bottom, you can temporarily hide the search bar. Additionally, you have the option of turning it off altogether.
  2. Downgrade to the Previous Version: This solution requires a bit more technical expertise. By following the provided instructions and running some command prompts as an administrator, you can revert your Outlook app to the previous version. This process should also resolve the search bar issue.

Please note that these workarounds serve as temporary fixes until the official patch is released on February 13th. If you're comfortable waiting a few days, it may be best to hold off on implementing the workarounds and simply update the app once the fix is available.

Microsoft is aware of the inconvenience caused by this bug and is actively working towards resolving it promptly. In the meantime, users can either follow the workarounds mentioned above or patiently await the official fix.

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