Owlet Dream app - what is it?

The Owlet Dream app is a new application that aims to provide parents with advanced sleep insights, helping them feel more at peace while their baby sleeps. Developed by the award-winning baby monitor company, the app works in conjunction with the Owlet Dream sock to deliver a comprehensive look at your baby's sleep experience.

By combining sleep quality indicators from the Dream sock, the Owlet Dream app provides real-time insights to help parents ensure that their child sleeps better. These products are not medical devices, but they offer a connected nursery experience that is designed to learn from the data collected. This data can help parents understand their baby's sleep patterns more comprehensively.

It is important to note that I am not a medical expert, and if you are considering using this app, it would be best to consult your doctor to determine its reliability and appropriateness for your specific circumstances. However, it may be worth a try, as technology often has the potential to simplify our lives significantly.

To get started with the Owlet Dream app, you simply need to create an account. While technology can sometimes be intimidating or challenging to learn, it can also simplify many aspects of our lives. The Owlet Dream app is designed to provide parents with meaningful insights into their baby's sleep, offering peace of mind and a more restful experience for everyone involved.

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