Parodist app - spelling tips, how to use?

so here is part of this app where yeah you can just send these voice cards to your friends and then here are some tips basically because sometimes it's super hard to Voice kid correctly so if the character places a stress in the name incorrectly you may correct and resubmit put the plus symbol before the vowel that should be stressed for example Donald Sanders or Lauren demaglio so as you can see like the plus symbol just goes before the letter which should be stressed uh if some sounds are voiced incorrectly we submit the name written with a different letter combination like just try some different similar letters this uh voicing is not working perfectly all the time you might also try to divide or unite the letters or syllables so that the name is voiced correctly so yeah you can you can try to do that so uh so yeah if you have some symbols just try different different writing and then you can add your name here and then as you can see it just uh uh updates in the in the top part notice that some of the names are not accepted or something like that because there is some validation going on in the app so yeah that's what it is

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