PayDay Cash Advance 1st Loan - app overview

here's the app called payday cash advance first launch so let's just try to install this app it's in top charts right now in the u.s app store you can see it's number six on finance category it's among top 100 apps and this is the app to get like first loan so you can get up to five thousand dollars with some conditions uh first one provides an innovative new loan qualification process that brings cash to your fingertips in minutes obtaining loan can be difficult time consuming stressful if you need cash you need it quickly thousands of people have used first loan to receive access to critical funds they need to buy bills by gas on my grand just input your details tell us a bit about yourself once they have all your information uh you can get the best loan offers at lowe's financing rates then you can get offers then you can select your loan and there you have it and there is the range from six percent to like 36 percent so yeah this loans uh are not cheap for sure so you should be super careful with this first like very cheap and super quick long apps because yeah i think in this market there are like so many scams i just advise you to really be super careful while using these apps maybe in some specific occasions you can really use this app but just be super careful because if you don't pay out payback loan like super quickly and in the specified terms it will be it will become like super expensive and yeah like day by day you can just drown into like an expensiveness of this launch so yep that's about it so anyways let's just open the app uh so we will work for you to find the best lawn don't waste the size a day prepare for the best and then let's try so here uh what you need to do is just basically select loan amount for example if you want to select 500 dollars and then what you need to do just enter your ssn number uh last for ssn uh and then enter your uh email address um something like that um and then you can type to get started this is i'm just creating a demo account it's not my real ssn or anything i'm just showing you around how it would work but but hopefully this app is not like scammy or something because at least it's this on the app store so it's not some website i wouldn't really advise you to go to any websites to get launched because yeah it can be super sketchy but at least if this app is an app store probably there was some like basic verification done uh so yeah so then you just need to enter all of these details so you set up your loan amount your primary phone like contact time when they can contact you so you can select from here first name last night birth month birth day birth year your zip code next step and then just continue filling out this application so then you just submit your request all paperwork is gone the whole process is completely online then you can just check the offers receive your money so there you have it how much can you borrow the loan limits varied by a lender so the main factor is your credit score then credit history and up to in income ratio uh so by reviewing this information the lender wants to ascertain your ability to repay on time do i have to pay any fees no what are requirements to request a loan so you need to be at least 18 years old be us citizen have reliable source of income have a checking account have valid email address so it's only for you as citizens this app won't work in canada or in europe or even if you're just a green card holder like permanent residence holder in the us so you just won't work there so there you have it uh normally the decision is instant it takes up to a few minutes to connect to the suitable lender after you submit a request uh what if you file to repay missing the payment might cause a lot of unpleasant things starting with high fees and ending visual credit score downgrading however always get in touch with your lender as soon as possible notify them in advance about your problem to discuss the possible ways to address your issue the funds will be deposited directly in your bank uh depends on lender you will get a notification uh so you can even request a loan is a bad credit uh so yep uh there you have it so super simple app then you can just help section you can really contact them here and there is just one button where you request a loan from the app so there you have it that's an app that's an overview for you hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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