PayPal allows to send, transfer & receive bitcoin, ethereum

so here is an update so paypal users can now transfer send and receive bitcoin interior bitcoin cash and litecoin so here is espresso lyrics from 7th of june 22 that paypal starting from today supports native transfer of cryptocurrencies between paypal and other wallets and exchanges this feature has been consistently ranked by users as one of the most requested enhancements since we began offering the purchase of krypton our platform but it is yet available only to select you as users and it will be rolling out all eligibles you as customers so you can transfer these coins in to paypal move crypto from paypal to external crypto addresses including exchange and hardware wallets so for example you can buy bitcoin on a coinbase transfer to paypal if you have bitcoin on paypal you can transfer it to for example coinbase wallet or binance wallet or uh yeah like other wallets you can also send crypto to family and friends and paypal in seconds with no fisa network chargers to send or receive so that's basically that [Music] paypal also has been granting the full bid license but new york department of financial services we are excited to connect paypal customers to other wallets exchanges and applications so that's basically that so to transfer crypto into paypal from an external wallet you need to log into paypal select receive and then probably will need to complete additional id verification uh and then you need to then you will get your unique crypto address uh the wallet address is only selected for for the coin you selected not your paypal account uh to help protect your privacy we generate a new receive address each time you want to send crypto to your account paypal doesn't charge fees so something like that so you you see like bitcoin then you tap receive you need to verify identity here is your bitcoin address and then you can just copy that and and share it so then you can also send external transfer as well just tap send uh so you need to tap send in crypto section of your application not just standard uh paypal application and there you have it so that's basically how it works unfortunately yeah like it's only selected better test for specific users might be like limited amount but it will be rolling out for a lot of users in in future so stay tuned and unfortunately it's only in the united states so you need to have paypal account registered to united states if you have account registered in uk canada or something like for example other european countries it's not gonna work

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