PayRange app - what is it? How to use?

okay so um here is pay range app uh it's it's like payments app but for like some niche payments so it's not like paypal it's not uh yeah one more or something like that so for example let's say you need to uh to pay for some machine for some laundry or for some snacks or like doing like laundry and all of that so in in some cases uh on in that laundromat or in that place you will see the uh some notification that it receives by arranged payments um uh yeah you will just see some image or something like that that it accepts this so quick and simple no more coins no more bills pay range takes the hassle out of your life to guarantee the highest style convenience we designed our app for a quick and secure payment experience your experience is as simple as swiping your finger on your phone screen so yeah like you know of course there are like super there is super digitized world where you can just send money to each other we have so many apps like cash app paypal and all of that but you know sometimes imagine if you are traveling and you just need to use some laundromat on the street and it only accepts coins and you just don't have any cash whatsoever so you need to go and exchange this cash in some like other store and like you know get specific coins and all of that so pay range solves this and it's not only about laundry it's about all kinds of machines it can be some snacks machines some all of that some old school machines yeah stuff like that so yeah that's the idea so to use the app i'm just trying it out you need to enable bluetooth and then it's just searching for machines uh so machine obviously needs to be play range enabled uh you can go to help here so what is buy range so you can use a buy wrench app to make transactions on the range of machines such as spending machines amusement machines laundry and dryers and all how does this work launch the pay range app swipe left or right to find the machine swipe up the machine card and the primer will be sent to the machine does it use the bluetooth yes it uses the bluetooth so probably the technology is that on this machine there is just some bluetooth receiver and then you can use this app you can view all your power range transactions how do you know if bayern check accepted by machine once you're in front of the machine and open your app you will be able to locate the specific machine by swiping left or right so to fund your pay range account uh yeah you can just fund it through the any major credit card debit card ebt cash card and all of that then you can also just create an account with apple id you can also just you know scan qr code here [Music] then you can reach out to support uh send some feedback related to machine and all of that so yeah like to to pay in the machine you need to have some of them in the range in the bluetooth range so that's basically how it works yup and then it just says no pay range enabled machines found in bluetooth range so for example here is some demo machine and then i need to swipe up and then for that i still need to create an account so anyhow hope this was helpful thank you for watching

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