Peekaboo app - make new friends - how to use?

Peekaboo app - make new friends: how to use?

The Peekaboo app has gained immense popularity and currently sits at the top charts of the US App Store. The reason behind its sudden surge in popularity is because it is considered as the alternative to another app that was recently removed from the App Store. Developed by Broadway Labs, Peekaboo is designed to help you connect with new friends online.

While some might mistakenly categorize it as a dating app, its primary purpose is to assist users in meeting and befriending new individuals. With Peekaboo, you can browse through user profiles and connect with people who share similar interests, allowing you to have fun while expanding your social circle.

Currently, Peekaboo is one of the leading alternatives to the previously mentioned app. However, it is important to note that the app is still in its early stages, and as such, it offers limited features and has a relatively small user base worldwide. It might be more popular in certain areas, such as the US, where more users can be found.

To start using the Peekaboo app, simply sign in with your account and add your Snapchat username. The app works by allowing you to tap on "Find New Friends" and swipe through various profiles to discover new people. As of now, there are no filtering options available, such as specifying the gender or location of individuals you want to meet. However, you can still send messages to other users.

In terms of messaging, Peekaboo offers different options. You can send a standard message, send bulk messages (up to 50 in one go), or even send a super message. The super message will remain at the top of the recipient's message list, increasing the chances of them noticing and reading your message.

Please note that to view additional photos of other users, you need to add at least three more photos of yourself. This feature ensures a fair exchange of photos and encourages users to be more active in maintaining their profiles.

If you want to enhance your profile and stand out among other users, Peekaboo offers the option to upgrade to Peekaboo Plus. By boosting your profile, you can become the top profile and potentially gain ten times more friends. Keep in mind that boosting your profile requires a weekly payment of $10.

Besides the "Meet" feature, where you can find new profiles and swipe through them, you also have a "Chats" feature that displays all your ongoing conversations. Additionally, the app allows you to report and block any unwanted or inappropriate users.

To access more features, such as revealing users' Snapchat usernames, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the app. Pro users have the advantage of being able to view the Snapchat usernames of all profiles.

Peekaboo offers a simple interface with limited options for now. It provides an overview of your account settings, allowing you to delete your account if needed. Furthermore, you can reach out to customer support or seek help within the app itself. Adding photos and verifying your profile are also options available to users.

While Peekaboo is still in its initial development phase, it has gained significant traction in the US App Store due to its role as an alternative to a popular app. However, it is advised to exercise caution while using this app, as with any social platform. Despite passing the review criteria for appearing on the App Store, it's important to be mindful of potential bugs and the presence of individuals who may not have the best intentions.

Currently, Peekaboo is only available on the iOS App Store, and it remains uncertain whether it will be released on the Google Play Store. Should you be interested in exploring other alternatives, there are apps such as Perp, Wing, and Rants, although their ratings may vary.

In conclusion, Peekaboo app provides an avenue for meeting new friends online. While it might lack some advanced features at present, it offers a simple and efficient way to connect with like-minded individuals. Use caution and be mindful of your interactions while using the app, and remember to have fun.

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