Peekaboo app - Wizz alternative - how to use? Peekaboo review

Peekaboo app - Wizz alternative - how to use? Peekaboo review

Hey everyone, so here is Peekaboo app, this app is V's app alternative, you know V's app for some reason right now is literally removed from the app store for some reason, in their Instagram stories they write that this is some kind of technical glitch, but seems it's a bit longer because they were removed on 31st of January, so there is a new alternative in top charts called Peekaboo, make new friends, literally very similar app, but it's still in the early stages of development, it's getting a lot of traction, but it needs still some improvements, but if you just want to try it out, so let's just jump into it.

So here is the app, it's very minimalistic, easy to use, you just create your account and then you can just add your Snapchat username and then you created your account, then you just need to swipe through meeting people, just tap to the meet tab and then you can just see all the accounts there, then you can just swipe, for some reason it's not possible to filter out people who are like by gender or by location, so you can just see all kinds of profiles and that's it, it also will be just like situated, you know, where you are in the country, but you can filter out like 100 kilometers, 50 kilometers around you, and this is app, mostly it's not like Tinder, it's mostly like for finding friends online, for chats, especially for teenagers, but yeah, of course you should be quite careful, I would say with this kind of online apps, because sometimes there can be weird people here, of course like this app passed verification for the App Store, but then let's see how it develops, so I'm just telling you like be careful, yeah, you know, just chat with only verified people and even then just be careful.

Things to note about Peekaboo app:

  • Create your account and add your Snapchat username.
  • Swipe through profiles to meet people.
  • No gender or location filtering available.
  • Profiles are sorted by your location.
  • Use caution when using online apps, especially when chatting with strangers.
  • Stick to verified accounts for added safety.

Then yeah, you can just go and try to send a message someone, if you try to send a message, you can send a super like, which will appear at the top of their chats, a standard message, or send bulk messages, which is sending multiple messages at once, but yeah, then you can just go to the profile. If you want to reveal your Snapchat username, you need to pay $10 per week.

Additional features and options:

  • Send messages using super like, standard message, or bulk messages.
  • Pay $10 per week to reveal your Snapchat username.
  • Delete conversations you don't like.
  • Get a verified badge for your profile.
  • Delete your account if you're concerned about privacy.
  • Reach out to help if needed (note: the button doesn't currently work).
  • Add at least three photos to access more features.
  • Boost your profile and appear at the top of views for other users by tapping the "unlock" button and getting one boost per week for $10.

So that's basically it, if you want to upgrade to Peekaboo Plus and boost your profile, those are the steps to follow. The app is in active development and doesn't have all the super cool features of Viz yet, but it's a nice start. It may not have a large user base yet, except maybe in the US, but it's worth giving it a try. Please note that I'm not sure if it's available on the Google Play Store at the moment, I think it may only be available on iOS.

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