Pestle: Recipe Organizer app - quick overview

here's interesting app called pastel recipe organizer so let's just install it and this app is getting some major updates soon and it's a cool app to save recipes from anywhere set unlimited timers plan your week with meal plans and so much more responsible import recipes from anywhere on the internet to pass out and keep just the ingredients in steps guided cooking device scene households discover meal plan so yeah everything is this app if you like cooking this is a cool app definitely to try out um and then you can just create an account with Google Apple your email and yeah here you instantly you are pushed to upgrade to puzzle Pro uh yearly 1999 per year only so it's not uh expensive so how to add recipes here so you can just search for recipes and then tap share and then you can just add all of these recipes to to Paso so that's uh you just add recipe recipes from uh from Google uh to this place and then you can add you can have this shopping list where you can shop for ingredients you can have this cover so and then here you have meal plan so to plan out your week and then there are additional settings uh which you can discover here so yeah that's basically it you can change app icons or Steam you can sync meal plan with calendar there is like a voice control uh and you can clear cache if you're using this app a lot and yeah so that's basically the app uh and then you can also just add the recipe like that just manually add in it so yeah that's basically the idea of the app this app will be getting like mind your upgrade and update soon so I think it's like one of the top apps actually to manage your recipes and meal plans for yourself

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