Petey - AI Assistant - quick overview

If you're on the lookout for various JGPT apps for your iPhone, you might want to check out Petey AI Assistant. Although it's a paid app, it's well worth it, and we're going to tell you why in this quick overview.

What sets this app apart from the dozens of other JGPT apps out there? Well, for starters, it works exceptionally well with your Apple Watch. Even if you need to subscribe by adding your own OpenAI API key, Petey is still the best way to interact with JGPT on your devices.

With Petey AI Assistant, you can now connect with the renowned JGPT model right from your wrist or while on the move. You can ask questions, generate messages without typing, and get quick answers. You can also share your interactions' outcomes with others via text, email, or social media. The app even offers multiple prompts, JGPT for support, making it a valuable tool to have.

Petey AI Assistant is available on watchOS and live activity. It's just getting started, but it already supports features like shortcut support. You can ask Petey to replace JGPT Assistant, making the iOS version more exclusive.

Piti AI Assistant now supports live activity, which means that every time you start conversing with the assistant, you can multitask while waiting for a response. You can share the full conversation with a press of a button to use it in any app. That's pretty cool.

If you don't have the watchOS app, Petey AI Assistant Pricing is $5.00, and if you don't have a JGPT API key, you get a two-week free trial, after which you have to pay $6.99 per month. However, it's a fascinating app to try, especially if you use an Apple Watch frequently. With more and more use cases with JGPT, such as shortcuts on iPhone, there are dozens of apps available, and now with Apple Watch apps, let's see what the best way to use them on the iPhone is.

Overall, Petey AI Assistant is a recommended app for those looking to make the most of JGPT technology on their devices. It's a paid app, but the convenience it brings of connecting with the AI assistant right from your wrist or phone while offering other valuable features is well worth the cost. Try it out and see how it enhances your daily routine.

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