Phone number not accepted in Locket Widget app - bug - what you can do

hello so if you go through some reviews of locket widget app you can see that some of the bug which is still remaining is that phone number is not accepted or there is still just an option to create your account with a phone number so some people say i don't have a phone number or some like even kids or teenagers they don't have their phone numbers i would like to use like email but uh yeah but also the issue even if you have phone number sometimes it's not accepted for some countries i don't know there are some mobile operators so phone number is not accepted and then the same issue is that like sometimes the verification uh sms is not arriving so here it says i just downloaded or get excited but it's not even working it's not taking my phone number in i have signed in a mile but it says they don't reply so developers please help me it's really not fair uh and other people say i haven't received verification tax for two days i deleted app device and downloaded it no nothing changes i also tried different number didn't work either so yeah that's an issue for number not accepted yeah you can always try to update the app uh in case you really really want to try it out you can always use some apps like you know text now for example uh this is the app you can try it out or text plus or some other apps which can you provide a second phone number and then you can create the second phone number and tribe is that maybe that might work but i'm not sure this is only just for to zest it out until you fix the issue with your mind phone number you can always try to reach out for the locket widget app or just send them feedback to ask what you can do

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