Photo Cleaner app - SwipeWipe - overview & how to use

Photo Cleaner app - SwipeWipe - overview & how to use

There is an interesting trending app in the market called Photo Cleaner, specifically Swipe Wipe, Clean Gallery, and Camera Roll. This app has gained significant popularity recently, as it has climbed high in the charts in the Utilities category and received positive reviews from users. People claim that this app is highly efficient in managing their photos.

One user mentioned being overwhelmed by the large number of photos on their iPhone and struggling to find an easy way to clear out the camera roll. However, after discovering Swipe Wipe, they were able to remove 7,000 photos from their phone, freeing up around 20 gigabytes of extra space. This demonstrates the app's ability to quickly and effectively clean up storage.

Taking photos with the new cameras on iPhones can consume a significant amount of storage space due to the large file sizes. It's not just about photos; videos also contribute to the storage burden. This app aims to address this issue by providing users with an easy and efficient way to manage their camera roll.

To begin using Swipe Wipe, simply install the app. Once opened, you'll be greeted with a three-day free trial offer, after which a subscription costs $50 per year. Grant the app access to your photos, and you're ready to go. Additionally, the app provides a monthly reminder to sort through new batches of photos, ensuring that you are regularly cleaning up space as needed.

To facilitate the cleaning process, Swipe Wipe offers intuitive swipe gestures. By swiping left, you can delete unwanted photos, while swiping right allows you to keep the ones you want. If you accidentally swipe in the wrong direction, there is an option to undo the action.

The app also includes additional features to enhance the user experience. For example, you can tap on the Swipe Wipe logo to change the order of the photos. It also allows you to view image metadata, such as creation date and time, by tapping on the information icon. Furthermore, you can bookmark important photos for easy access later.

Swipe Wipe provides a comprehensive overview of your photos, allowing you to see images from different months. The app tracks useful statistics, such as the amount of memory saved and the number of images swiped. Additionally, there is a support option if you encounter any issues while using the app.

While Swipe Wipe offers a free trial, a subscription costing $30 per year provides unlimited swipes and removes ads. It's worth mentioning that there may be limitations on the number of swipes available in the free version, although the exact limit is not specified.

As for the organization of similar photos, it is uncertain whether Swipe Wipe automatically groups them. Some apps offer this functionality, allowing users to easily select the best photo from a series. Furthermore, the app offers a widget for easy access. However, it is not clear if this widget includes the ability to group similar photos.

To install the widget, tap and hold on your device's home screen, then search for "Swipe" and add the widget to your desired location. This widget provides a convenient way to track the number of photos swiped throughout the day.

In conclusion, Swipe Wipe's Photo Cleaner app aims to solve the storage issues caused by the large number of photos and videos taken on iPhones. With an intuitive interface and helpful features, it can help users efficiently manage and clean their camera roll. While some aspects such as automatic organization of similar photos remain unclear, Swipe Wipe offers a promising solution to declutter your device's storage.

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