Photo Widget - Aesthetic icons - app overview

here is the app called photo widget static icons so yeah you can just use it and yes this is one of those apps where you can use it to create and customize your home screen to use themes to install icons widgets and wallpapers there are hundreds of widgets 700 plus icon packs create your own icons thousand plus wallpapers so you can just use it seems icon sets Diamond diet and photo widget Wallpaper Maker add frames filter stickers and text to photos and crop images Endless Possibilities to customize your home screen super easy to use be creative so yeah you can just open it up it concern which is Gallery so then you can just continue customize your home screen and then yeah 1999 for a lifetime membership which is actually pretty cool that you it's not a yearly subscription it's not a monthly subscription it's like a yearly one-time pay and then yeah you can just customize all of these apps and icons and widgets and wallpapers but yeah unfortunately yeah okay so seems there is still some kind of free version so then yeah this is like a lock screen in the top part which you can see that there are all the icons which you have here and the cool wallpaper so then yeah if you still want to I want to customize uh all of this then you have like monthly deal where you need to upgrade and pay 6.99 per month so you see that this deal is not that great like it's better to upgrade to Lifetime subscription uh so yeah there you have it then you have just adaptable then you have icon gallery then you have uh yeah uh if you want there is some tutorial so to add icons you need to save app icons and then use shortcuts app and then just add action and then just yeah you will see these actions here then you can just add photo widgets don't press your home screen until it enters jiggle mode and a plus sign appears in the upper corner of the screen then you can just add other widgets then there is icon Gallery here which yeah you can just discover which icons are here you can change background pick any color uh Dentures widget then there's wallpaper so yeah that's basically what you can do here in this app just to customize really your iPhone and make it super personal so yeah that's about that hope this is helpful

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