Photo with Santa app - quick overview

so in case you're looking for app to take photo with Santa or get like a video call from Santa so check out this app PNP portable Norse Paul so in case you want to play with your kids or like stuff like that so you can just check out this app and just really surprise your kids and record a video message for for them and it's like super cool actually it's really entertaining app and it's free to use so you yeah just go and get this app 33 000 ratings and then you can just open it up a portable North Pole it's the name of the app and then yeah you can just go through it um so you can record uh yeah Christmas Eve video with call options and then you can also call Santa you can show your kids like hey you can in this today we can just make a call to Santa and this app is using some AI technology or something where uh yeah it's it's sounds like very cool actually so you can just tap create new video uh create my free video the child is a boy can like Andrew Santa will say uh like Andrew yeah something like that you can see the the birth date you can add the photo of a child you can add some info and then you can just tap create video and then it will just create like very realistic uh video message from Santa and it's like pretty cool so yeah also you can just tap to upgrade magic path full access to all premium videos and call for all family members and more yes this app was featured in a lot of media um and it's only 15 dollars per year or something like that or just one time purchase so you can get like a premium Sunday video uh choose any of those premium Santa call download pass um yeah so any of those you can just use uh so really interesting app you can also easily create an account with your Apple ID or anything so yeah that's basically the idea um also for kids you have some other options you have singing lessons Santa Claus stories dancing games bedtime stories memory games and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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