PhotoSplit for Instagram app - HOW TO USE? App overview

here is photo split for instagram app so let's just install it so it has 26 000 ratings and yeah it's an interesting app to create you know this split photos for your instagram profile and where you can look really outstanding on your instagram so you can create big photos you can move or zoom that and then just post it so that's kind of a bit old-school app but that's basically how it works uh but yeah they also have like a tutorial as well so what you need to do just need to give access to your photo so for example i have this lamp photo so i want to post this lamp on instagram let's say it so i can move or zoom zoom it i can rotate it here if i want of course you can do it with your selfie i can select how many pieces i want to post it so if i want to pause just six pieces just like that or i can also pause like 12 pieces so something like that and then you just select split and then what you need to do is just tap save and then uh what you need to do is just you can save that and then every photo you can post on instagram so basically you don't even need like to save so you just tap one post on instagram two post an instagram tree and then in the end you will have this big picture so that's basically an overview that's how it works uh of course you can also save to your camera roll and then save to in the post to instagram from from there but it can be a bit more confusing overall hope is it helpful thank you for watching and check out my youtube channel

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