PicJointer Photo Collage Maker - app overview

here's the app called uh big jointer so it's photo collage maker so you can just tap get to install it and then just use Touch ID to install this app so then you can just see uh how it looks like a photo collage maker collage grid and layout click click photo picker pick the perfect background so yeah it's a really nice app to do all the collages uh uh it's an amazing photo editor and college maker to share your best moments and memories just back from holiday put your photos together easily and keep the holiday spirit on your social media account free from the best basic and natural filters to make your photos even more special so then you can just open it up and then you can just start with accessing all the photos and then you can just uh check your possible grids so you have all the different ways so for example I want to have this one and then I can just select like multiple photos for example uh yeah and then you will just see if I selected three photos what will happen like how it will look like and then there is stylish you also have all of these different styles just pretty fun uh so yeah for example let's check uh do this but then if you want to create unique collages and use unique styling you will need to upgrade here uh if you want still to use like classic uh then uh yeah you will need to select here and then still you can enable free trial and then you have seven days for free and then 4.99 per week so you can also do that if you want uh you can always reach out to the support yes unfortunately you can't uh no more you can't create uh um like uh uh you know like it for free so seems there is no free version here in this app so anyhow uh yeah that's basically how it can work

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