PicSolve app full overview

so here's an interesting app called pixolve it's climbing in charts super fast especially in education category and I was just curious to explore what this app is about so there are a bunch of apps like you know like Photo mask air mass massway gas masks like which are specifically focused on solving um Mass problems so like if you you know have some equation you have no idea what's what's going on there you can just easily just scan with your phone and get the answer but this app is a pixel app is focusing on more humanitarian like subjects like if you have if you have some question in history biology like you know all of these subjects it will also scan them and it will provide you answer around that and if there are like multiple answers you can select the correct answer so it's like pretty cool um so it's not the mass app so you can solve math problems here but you can just easily scan like questions in your book in your workbook and then just kind of reply so for example I just like imagine this I just want to scan this like Treaty of Paris what that is the one issue with this app is that like the scanning the recognizing of text is not that good um so that's the one minus but you can always just edit it especially if you have handwriting in in your book it's not working that well but then you can easily edit it and then you just have something like that um and this app is like makes some things like so much easier like so imagine you have these questions in your homework or somewhere else like without this app you need to go manually type from from the book and search in Google Wikipedia do your own research so it's also like super easy of course even if you like if if you allowed actually to use your computer on Google or use your phone here this app you just instantly scan and you get a result back so you don't need like to spend time typing all of these questions yourself and you know formulating the questions you just scan instantly you get an answer if you didn't get an answer um you know then yeah you can just yeah type of course but this is like a super fast way to to do it then you can just upgrade uh to skip the line because sometimes you just need to wait like 10 20 seconds when you're in the line if you want to get more detailed explanations you also can get that and then yeah so it's like 83 dollars per year or ten dollars per month so that's basically yeah what you can get here yeah so that's the idea hope this helped

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