PICSOLVE app how to use Manual Input?

there so here's pixelf app so how to manually enter a prompt here so yeah you can of course just go and scan uh your question but you can just do a manual input something but you can also do in Google but here is just more focused about all this homework subjects uh so some select Oops I did a mistake and then you can I didn't mistake already so I can also just edit it and then I can choose salt and then you're again in the queue obviously to avoid the queue you just need to um to upgrade but let's just wait uh so yeah something like that and then you can just see all of the descriptions short quick description and then there is a detailed explanation where you just need to upgrade so you just need to upgrade to Pro if you want to skip the line if you want to have detailed explanations um yeah it's like so you can just try all of that so yeah that's basically the idea I think this app is typing it's a really powerful niche uh because there will be probably a lot of more scanning of you know text and just like your homework is just so much faster instead of going to your laptop and typing in Google and then if you connect like that with open AI or chat GPT that's like really cool app so yeah give it a try

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