Picture Bird app - birds identifier - how to use?

Here's an interesting app called Picture Bird, Bird's Identifier. So there are a lot of plant identifier apps out there, but there is a new category, Bird's Identifiers, and they're just becoming more popular.

And it's not only for bird watchers, but also for everyone. If you just want to spend time hiking or you come across a nice interesting bird, you can use this app. There is a premium version available, but you can start by allowing access to your camera and then enhancing photos of birds using AI. It's a pretty cool feature.

Let's give it a try. Although I'm not outside, you can take a photo here. Let's see how it works. You can frame the photo and then proceed to identify the bird. The app provides information about sounds, where the bird is typically found, the colors of the bird, and other additional variants. After analyzing the photo, the app presents you with the most likely identification. You can even correct the result if needed. The app's accuracy is impressive.

Of course, there is an option to upgrade. The pricing is shown in Danish kroner. You can also view your identification history. The app includes features such as hot spots of birds, sound identification, and a collection of 30,000 species. It provides information about birds near your location and even offers advice on watching migrations and enjoying birds in your garden.

Overall, Picture Bird is an interesting app to have, whether you're a bird enthusiast or someone who simply enjoys spending time outdoors. Give it a try and discover the amazing world of birds around you.

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