PicWish app AI PHOTO EDITOR - how to use

PicWish is an AI photo editing app that aims to simplify the process of editing photos. With its automatic background removal and blur features, the app allows users to make their products stand out effortlessly. Designed to cater to designers and merchants, PicWish AI streamlines the process of designing and selling products on e-commerce platforms.

In a market flooded with similar apps, PicWish is just one of the alternatives available. However, the advancements in these AI-powered tools have made them increasingly powerful and user-friendly. For instance, if you own an online store on Shopify, you understand the importance of quality graphics for your Instagram or product images. Previously, hiring a designer or mastering Photoshop were necessary steps. But now, with apps like PicWish, you can achieve amazing results without any prior knowledge.

The app offers a feature to cut out objects from photos with just a few taps. As demonstrated in the accompanying video, a simple photo of a pencil can be transformed by selecting the object and letting the app process it. While the first attempt may not be successful, subsequent attempts yield better results. PicWish's ability to automatically identify objects to be removed is quite impressive and requires no manual intervention.

In addition to background removal, the app offers other useful features. Users can resize their photos and instantly share them on popular e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Poshmark, and eBay. However, saving the edited photos without the PicWish logo requires upgrading to a paid version. The available paid options, including a promotion option priced at $60 per year, offer a range of benefits. While it would be desirable to find a lifetime deal for the app, these options are still worth considering.

Furthermore, PicWish offers various editing tools, including retouching, fixing blur, batch removals, and ID photo generation. The ID photo generator can come in handy, particularly because passport photo requirements can often be strict. Although users need to remove the watermark for official use, this added functionality adds value to the app.

Overall, PicWish AI Photo Editor is a user-friendly app that simplifies the process of editing photos, removing backgrounds, and generating ID photos. With its convenient features and advancement in AI technology, this app proves to be a valuable tool for designers, merchants, and anyone looking to enhance their photos effortlessly.

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