Pillow: Sleep Tracker app - how to use? Overview

Pillow: Sleep Tracker App - How to Use? Overview

Pillow Sleep Tracker is an interesting app that allows users to monitor and analyze their sleep patterns. It is one of the alternative sleep tracker apps that has been rapidly growing in popularity. Another notable app in this category is Shuteye. It is worth trying out Pillow Sleep Tracker as it has been consistently featured by Apple and boasts an impressive 88,000 ratings.

Sleeping better is made simple with Pillow Sleep Tracker. The app offers both automatic and manual tracking options, utilizing your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. It provides detailed sleep analysis and goes beyond by recording snoring and other nightly sounds. With its optimal wake-up algorithm, Pillow helps you wake up at the lightest sleep state, allowing you to start your day refreshed and relaxed. The app also provides personalized insights and tips to improve your sleep quality.

Pillow Sleep Tracker offers additional features such as relaxing sleep sounds and the ability to make smarter decisions with sleep trends. The app can analyze your sleep cycles automatically using your Apple Watch, or you can use it without an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone or iPad on your mattress near your pillow. It even allows you to record important audio events during sleep, such as snoring, sleep apnea, or sleep talking.

Using Pillow Sleep Tracker is straightforward. After installing the app, you can customize your settings by selecting the items you want to track for better analysis. You can also enter your weight and height for accurate results. If desired, you can enable notifications and grant access for wearable devices. The app provides an alarm clock feature as well, allowing you to set your preferred wake-up time.

While the basic features of Pillow Sleep Tracker are free, there is an option to upgrade to Pillow Premium for $40 annually. Considering the benefits it offers, this price is reasonable compared to other sleep tracking apps on the market. The Premium version unlocks additional features such as sleep aid and meditation calming sounds, manual sleep logging, and access to the snooze lab for further sleep discovery. Users who upgrade also receive personalized and premium sleep tips.

Within the app, you can conveniently track your sleep duration and view trends related to your sleep quality, disruption, and REM sleep. It is important to note that sleep tracking apps like Pillow utilize data from your iPhone and add their own analysis to provide insights. However, it is worth acknowledging that the preciseness of these apps' tracking capabilities might not be entirely accurate yet.

In conclusion, Pillow Sleep Tracker is a versatile app that helps users monitor and understand their sleep patterns. While it may not be perfect in terms of tracking preciseness, it offers valuable insights and tools for improving sleep quality. Give this app a try and see if it enhances your sleep routine.

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