PixelCut app - FULL OVERVIEW - hidden tips & tricks

so here is pixel cut app and it's a super popular app which is really powerful and some of the features include background remover Magic Eraser where you can erase some objects from from the from yeah and then you can just also do like a batch edit to to a lot of photos just like remove background uh in about photos and then yeah here you can see that there is a free trial three-day free trial then 59.99 per year or 4.99 per month uh and then yeah of course I just want to try out like the free app actually uh here are some templates also you can generate AI avatars here you can make a profile photo you can create animated stories AI photo shoot so all of these things you can just do it and there are so many new features like magic writer uh so that's another feature here but okay let's just try the basic things so I want to remove this object I want to show you as an example here is just an example I have a coin and I want to remove this coin from this photo just like a very simple background but uh and then yeah here you just have slide to remove background and you just can easily do that or I can try eraser array anything new images by dragging your finger over it so here I can select the brush size which is like like this and then I can just brush it over I only have one touch if I uh take my finger out of it then it will be gone so there you have super powerful and then I can also just replace the yeah so that's what you can do here and then you can just tap share okay undo uh um so yeah also you can just slide to remove background and then you will see how it looks like it instantly identifies that background and even if the coin has like a hole inside of it it also captures that of course this is like a super easy example it doesn't have all this complicated backgrounds like people have like mountains or something like landscape some other people but yeah it's super easy to use app and super powerful yeah then you can remove the background on 50 images at once using batch added so you can also do that um so these are like three main features so removing background removing any object from your photo or batch editing multiple photos so this like why this app got so popular and is in the top charts but now they're they're adding more other features so here you can just create your own AI Avatar so to do that you need to upload at least 10 images of yourself and pixel cut will generate 100 unique AI avatars it will take at least an hour for the AI to generate your avatars we'll send you notification so yeah here you just have some examples what you can use here some good examples like so it should be only photo of yourself not many people just good lighting good angle but also all like try to use photos with different emotion sad smiling um yeah just not the same fight all the time because then your AI avatars will be repetitive uh don't include other people nothing covering your face no children and photos will be deleted as soon as avatars are ready so here is for example I have like a Celsius album it's not the best photos example but I will just show you like what it can look like so you need to have at least 10 selfies uh then it just takes time and I'm also curious to see what is the pricing here usually you need to buy additional price for AIO cars uh so yes something like that and then yeah so if you want to get 100 AIO attires uh you need to pay 5.99 you will get 100 personalized avatars in 25 different styles that you can use anywhere you have a profile so yeah you can just purchase for 5.99 yeah or you can save 50 with a pro version uh so yeah why is it paid creating a avatars is very expensive due to the high computational power required however we made it as affordable and cubic as possible um so yeah that's basically the idea um so you also will need to upgrade here but it's cool that you can do it in in the app uh so here you can also just another feature apart from it in pixel cut up where you can generate product description let AI write a product description for you so for example product name uh pencil uh and then I can just see what this pencil is perfect for any creative project you can draw pictures with Precision accuracy making it great for sketching drawing and writing the lead is drawn and Dural so it's pretty cool and yeah nice I can probably just use it in some ad or I don't know on my website of course it will require additional additional review by the person um so yeah and then you can see there are more and more tools adding every time to this app which is super powerful uh so two new ones is a magic writer AI avatars batch edit remote background Magic Eraser eraser AI photo shoot blank project AR outline magic replace so you can see here then there are some templates uh I don't know like what so then you can also by the way you can earn cutouts if you invite friends to to earn uh free credit card cutouts so that's what you can do as well um just yeah if you don't if you want to extend your free trial a bit you still can do that so this is my invitation code wx98 UA which you can use uh make a profile photo that's also okay over there let's try this yeah so anyways I'm just exploring here free version but maybe I will actually upgrade when the last time I opened this app player weren't that many features here it's like pretty cool and then here you can also generate stories for your Instagram for your Facebook uh AI photo shoot create infinite product files super fast so then yeah for example you are you're having some like Instagram shop or something like that and you just want to have a really nice backgrounds like of your product you're selling something and then yeah you can easily just generate this AI uh uh photo shoot and really nice looking photos of your product which is also really nice uh or you are selling some March some T-shirts so which you can do here you buy listings here you can also create colleges so of course templates for social media uh pastel templates burst templates gradients which you can also do that uh Happy Halloween sales Community templates all of this you can actually just generate uh uh yeah and a lot of these additional images so pretty powerful pretty amazing app like yeah no question why it's actually in the top charts right now uh anyways if you want to upgrade to pixel Cut Pro here you can see the the option for the this three-day trial and that's pretty cheap actually 4.99 per month or 59.99 per year um so I would say that is steel actually for this powerful app because there are so many apps like just a single AI Avatar generator app costs like can cost like 10 dollars per month just to create AI avatars here you just have it one of like 10 features uh so it's definitely a good choice to to to use this app it's pretty powerful and as I said I was doing videos of this app like a year ago or something and now it's pretty Advanced and it improved a lot there are so many new features uh so super cool and then yeah you can customize app icon you can change appearance uh you can see your account you can see you can easily delete your account actually uh so that's basically the idea uh yeah if you want to remove Watermark unfortunately you need to to upgrade so that's what we can see here uh super interesting app there is also pixel cut for teams in a while up to 10 team members to access pixel Cut Pro for only 49.99 per month um yeah and yeah I think that's actually pretty cool because this app is so powerful as you can see you can use it on your online shop your like selling some swag and stuff like that like if you have a team for that why to do it on Photoshop or anything if you can just quickly easily do it here so super interesting uh that's the app uh hope you like this overview hope you like the idea and thank you for watching and see you in the next videos

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