PixelCut app quick & easy overview

hello everyone so here is the app called pixel cut it's a super powerful app and it's improving like with every week every month there are new features so I definitely recommend you to try it out so this is just like a quick tutorial for you to understand what this app is about so yeah the main features are that you can easily remove a background from the photo so for example here you have like the photo and then you can just slide to easily remove the background unfortunately in the free version you only have like one cutout so I can't show you exactly but it works really well then like batch eraser where you can for example just erase uh like some object or some person from your photos like this it's really amazing right of course you see some if you just look a bit more closely you will see that maybe it's not that perfect uh yeah it's just maybe the background is pretty complicated here because there's like a gradient background and all of that but I mean sometimes it will just work or maybe I I can just do it in the more precisely so these are two main features that you can remove objects from from your photos or you can remove background super easily um and then you have batch edit meaning you can do it on like 50 images at once so yeah if you have like 30 images 50 images and you need to remove background easily just do it from your mobile phone you don't need to install Photoshop learn Photoshop just Spam two days on it so here you can do it easily and quickly then AI photo shoot you can use like this app if you have some Instagram store Shopify store you're selling some stuff online and you just need to have uh like pictures of your product which are looking really really nice like but you don't have budget to hire like professional designer and photographer yeah just do it from this app just take a photo and then you can easily change all these backgrounds and adjust all the backgrounds easily in the app uh then also recently they added feature to add product description using AI which is amazing and then also you can create AI avatars in this app so these are the main features and as you can see there are so many new features being added all the time so yeah that's basically the idea there are a lot of a lot of tools where you can change speed of the video crowd gives training videos um create QR code or something so yeah all of this like business tools uh if it's this app is perfect if you're selling some stuff on Instagram Tick Tock uh or you know you have some merge store something like that that's like you can manage all of the design elements just from your fingertips just from your phone easily and the quality is pretty decent so like you know you don't need like to learn Photoshop for like one week to do all of this so yeah I there you have it that was just like a quick over

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