Pixelup app - AI photo enhancer - quick overview & how to use

here's pixel app AI for the enhancer let's just try to explore how it works we solve this viral AI Avatar apps like also some original AI photo enhancer apps going in top charts right now as you can see it's yeah it's just going in the top charts so turn your old blurry photos into high definition with pixel apps AI enhancer pixel apps enhance artificial intelligence annual Blu-ray pixelated damage picture turn into Crystal Clear HD photos and get revitalized uh so pixel app helps you to enhance your photos to scratch and restore vintage photos colorize blacks and white photos animate photos and yeah all of that so here you can just have this [Music] um so let's wait a bit it's pretty large Gap is like 226 megabytes so let's just open it up to see how it works and I will just try to do some effects to show you then you can just tap get started and then yeah for example this what could be your enhancer how do is it happen you can ask well it's just the power of AI which which is becoming more and more powerful you can also like animate photos so here you can see that obviously they instantly offer you to upgrade to enhance colorized animate faster remove daily limit enjoy pixel app without ads so you can try that you can allow notifications and yeah so one of the coolest features is like animation where you can animate some old photos you can colorize them or you can describe so yeah something like that so you can scan your photo or you can choose from library it can allow access to photos and then yeah you can just see some maybe suggested which like AI automatically analyzes your uh your gallery and select some selfies or some photos with weird kind of sunlight okay so we can use this photo for example this selfie which has a bit of weird lightning so it's probably yeah so as you can see here and then uh yeah I can just tap enhance uh [Music] so and I need to watch an ad to fix it so yeah something like that so still some time remaining it's the ad is pretty not that long actually because in some apps you need to watch like 40 minutes 45 minute ad seconds at so here I just tapped in hands and then you can see that yeah it's actually enhancing a bit and making it better so here you can see before and here you can see after so the lightning is not that and good and the like so you can see that the blur is also removed so I I'm actually pretty enjoying this ex like yeah this app as you can see it's also whiten teeth and stuff like that so it's good for your selfies uh maybe yeah you can use these photos on um on whatever on dating apps like Tinder if you want to have like some perfect selfie then you can also like color enhance colorize animate this scratch if you have some scanned old photo and then you just want to enhance it or you can do smart edit but uh yeah I don't know what that is but yeah that's basically what you can do then here you just discover all these faces and you can also just remove and have this face like this if you just want to have a selfie or just you want to have justifies from from that photo and these are basically all the features from this app so it's not like you know where you have like these tons of filters which you never use now this app is uh very uh focused on few features again like colorize this scratch animate then you can just enhance just use all of the effects in one place and yeah this is how it works uh so that's the idea um yeah hope that is helpful and yeah so here you can have Pro account again 4.99 dollars per week or 39.99 lifetime and then yeah you can just try out this app hope this is helpful uh this is cool app try it out

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