Planet Fitness app - if you delete your account, will it cancel membership?

hey everyone so here's Planet Fitness app so if you go to your account in top left and then basically here you have settings and then you can just tap to delete your app account but we'll delete in your uh account uh cancel a membership so you can clearly see here so if you currently PF Club member or PF plus digital subscriber this action does not cancel a membership or a billion if you move forward with remote your Mobile account you will not be able to use a APK tag to enter the club please contact your uh uh club and then in information including your contact details workouts that's another personal data will be cleared um and then later you will just need to create a new account so that's what it is so nope it's it doesn't cancel your Planet Fitness membership canceling your planet's Fitness membership it's a bit complicated they just made it so in this app it's a bit annoying so yeah if you go through their FAQs you can just read that the best way to cancel membership is just go in person uh to the club and then just cancel that or you need to specif to contact your home Club location to confirm the cancellation policy you can send a letter to your home Club requesting to cancel what does it mean to send a letter like do I need to write a handwriting letter or like um maybe they just means like email letter to your home Club so you just need to go to your home Club page find the email or I don't know how to reach out to them and then just write them specifically to cancel your membership in that club so that's how it works at this moment um so yeah that's their policy unfortunately so that's what it is

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