Plex app - Music, TV, Movies & more - APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

in this video we're gonna go through interesting app which is called plaques movies TV music and more this app is is going to the top charts of entertainment category you can stream movies and TV shows plus 300 plus channels of live TV instantly without subscription watch live TV movies anywhere from any devices blacks stream movies has never been either with blacks watch your favorite movies from a24 crackle Warner Brothers MGM Lions Gate and more watch TV series you know and lower this car brand new shows this black streaming services so that's interesting app you can just see it here 20 000 titles 300 plus live channels discount new movies actor shows and genres watching they go find entertainment watch together and yeah that's the app and then let's just goes for the home so you can easily create your account with Apple ID or like Google Facebook and then just sign up and here you you can just see all these shows what's on so for example if you open up the show here you can just see some details um yeah that's how it works so and then there are also some live TV channels in the top part you can also AirPlay or Chromecast it um so that's basically it then there are three all these different genres we can which you can watch also there is this interesting feature which is called watch together where you can add users and share so that's basically um the idea and then um there is also live TV section you can see some Plex channels some feature channels movies and shows discover you can discover all these sections here then there is music which you can watch um but then I think they have some integration with tidal app then your media so you can yeah so that's that there are a bunch of settings pretty extensive number of settings if you're unsure you can always just delete your account you can also upgrade you can subscribe to Plex pass you can remove playback restrictions in the IRS with a one-time purchase um so that's basically that I don't know how long is that so lifetime subscription is 149 yearly subscription 39.99 months is official 4.99. um and then you can also activate to apply back restriction in iOS with one-time purchase just for 4.99 then you can instantly also change app icon which is pretty cool but again it requires Plex pass change quality of videos then there are some advanced settings you can always sign up for test flight if you want to and then just sign up for this flight better access so help and support and then right on the App Store and yeah so that's basically the idea um that's the app is this how it's working uh there is some watch list and that's the idea so hope you liked it and that's the order you definitely give it a try to this app it's different it's not Netflix or it's not Disney plus but it's getting more popular and getting more reviews and all of that in in some uh niches in some countries so as you can see it's growing in the charts in top charts let's see how it develops if it adds more features and this app was here for a while but now it is getting more traction

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