Podcast - #16 Spotify updates - Blend, Car Thing, M1...

#16 Spotify updates - Blend, Car Thing, M1... Listen podcast here:

Spotify is adding tons of new features, products and updates. Let's unpack!

  • Spotify BLEND playlist
  • Support for M1 chip
  • "Car Thing" - music device for your cars
  • Spotify Premium mini in India
  • Spotify Palette


Hey, everyone, welcome to the new edition of the Mrhackio podcast. This podcast. Let's talk about all the new features of Spotify, all the new updates, new products. Actually, there are a lot of news from Spotify and yeah, I think the Spotify is growing super fast in all directions.

For people who don't know what Spotify is. It's one of the top music players along with Apple Music. I think it's one of the I think it's like market leader right now. Spotify than Apple Music results, a title and a bunch of other apps. But I personally use Spotify.

Some of my colleagues are using Apple music. It's a constant discussion. What is better, Spotify or Apple Music? Let's just discuss what are the top features I noticed recently because I'm doing a video on my YouTube channel. And yeah.

So first, like a big update, which is getting a lot of traction in Spotify Blend. So Spotify Blend. It's a new taste match playlist between you and your best. So basically, you can just create Blend playlist. So just go in.

Spotify apps, search for Blend, and this feature is just rolling out of beta to Spotify free and premium users.

Yeah. Then you can just generate an invite link and invite your friends to Spotify Blend, and then you will see an after update after generated playlist with the top tracks. Plus from you and your friend, which is like super cool. And then you can see which tracks you like together, which tracks here she likes with Strike you like and this playlist updates in real time. And this is like collaborative autogenerated playlist in a super cool feature.

So I really advise you to try it out. It's called Fortify bland. So a lot of people are just really excited about this. It's a great way to create a playlist. Of course, you could have created collaborative playlist before, but this is better now with Spotify plans.

So another big updates. So people who are looking a lot about Spotify and one so of course, probably heard that one cheap apples like Silicone MacBooks are pretty fast and actually quite amazing.

So yeah, these are new MacBooks. Spotify desktop app was still not so compatible with these new chips. I don't know exactly what's the issue, how it works and stuff.

Yeah. So that was the issue. But now Spotify Desktop just released a new updated version which works is and one. So your experience, a new MacBook process and one ships should be super great. The app should be super fast and smooth.

So that's amazing. Spotify. And one you just update your desktop app here using Spotify. So that's cool. Another update, which I didn't hear about, but it's coming out.

It's called Car Scene. So yeah, you heard correctly. Carting Spotify. Com. It's a smart players on Spotify that fills you fuel your car.

Is music, news, entertainment talk anymore. So basically it's like a device. It's like ipod. So it's a separate device. It's not on your mobile phone, which you can order, and then you can just talk to it like, hey, Spotify, turn it on.

You can play music for it, and then they say, caring it's one later phone do phone stuff. So when you're in a car, of course, it's better not to touch your phone, but when you're in a car, there's some stuff going on your phone, like people texting and stuff. But there is also probably just better to have separate device for all your Spotify music, where you can just listen to all the and control all the Spotify playlists. And yeah, that's what you can do. And it's available for Spotify Premium users.

So that's definitely check it out casting Spotify. Com, but it's not available yet. I don't know the price. I don't know when it's available. You can just go and sign up, put me on the list.

If you have a Spotify Premium account, I don't know in which countries it's available, et cetera, but definitely check it out. Then another cool thing. You discovered this, like Spotify palette. It's yeah, it's basically a website, Spotify palette dot. Com or just search in Google where you can discover which music palette are you listening to.

So if you, for example, listen to sometimes energetic music, your palate will be kind of Orange if some else music can be read or blue, and then you can see which tracks have which color.

So that's kind of a nice way to explore your music tapes, to share his friends, just to explore, like how energized is your music tests or something. So it's it's a project developed Spotify, but some other guy and yeah, it's quite interesting idea. So definitely check it out. You can support the project. Also, I found out that seems there is not only Spotify Premium, but Spotify Premium mini plan, which which actually it's available in India.

I think I'm not sure if it's available worldwide in the United States or other countries, but you can pay in Indian currency, and you can do want only certain ones, I guess. But then you have all the features of Premium plan, and then you don't need to pay that much. So I don't know what the deal with it. So Theresa, Spotify student plan, of course, the rise Spotify Premium and Spotify Premium. Meaning I didn't see the Spotify was advertising it so much so I don't know exactly what the deal there is, but yeah, there you have it.

So that's what's going on in with Spotify right now. Of course, the company is growing pretty fast and adding a lot of new, exciting features and products.

Of course, they're pushing a lot in podcast. Probably heard about 100 million Joe Rogan deal. But it was a while ago, but yes, this is just like if you're a fan of Spotify, if you're using Spotify to listen to the music, that's what you can explore. Hope these features can help you out to use Spotify more so that was that. Thank you for listening into this quick episode.

Check out my website, Mrhack.io, I offer other blogs about apps and software. Yeah, let's meet up in the next episode.

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