Podcast - #18 Wins for Telegram, Signal & Viber after Facebook outage, SoMe app news

#18 Wins for Telegram, Signal & Viber after Facebook outage, SoMe app news
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  • Telegram, Signal & Viber gain millions of installs while FB was down just for a few hours
  • SnapChat adds new features to support creators
  • YouTube hires a podcast executive
  • Instagram ditched IGTV


Hey, everyone, welcome to another episode of the Mr. Hack podcast. In this episode, let's just go through around what are the latest app news? During the last few days, I published a few episodes based on either of some cool apps around labs app or on some other interesting app updates or Spotify updates and all of that. But today let's just go through what happened in the app world.

So of course, the biggest story from this period was that, of course, the Facebook went down. But what are the biggest winners from the Facebook outage? According to Censor Tower, I'm also a big fan of actual tech crunch this week in a newsletter. So according to Censor or Snapchat. So the biggest increase in social media front, the average time is fun by existing users climb into the week over week.

Twitter also tweet Twitter account and Twitter. Hello, literally everyone. So they tweeted that and Twitter good. That figure by 1% and TikToks 2% jump. So as you can see actually what's interesting here, you would think like, okay, TikTok is the biggest social media app, but actually the audiences on TikTok and Instagram and Facebook are not match, actually, because the genes and all the teenagers who want to be on Pick Talk, they're already not using Facebook app, and they're probably also not using Instagram reels and stuff.

They're already on Pick Talk. So they are just there. Yeah. So yeah, it's not super correlated. But as you can see, the Facebook audience can switch to Snapchat and can switch to Twitter.

So that's more interesting. Also in terms of messaging apps, the biggest installs were by Telegram Signal and Weber. So Telegram saw 6.3 million installs in Bergen on 167K installs. So these are the biggest competitors to what's happened. Facebook messenger.

So Telegram, if you don't know, it's founded by the Baldur, who was the previous founder of VK. Com Contact, which is the biggest Russian social network. Then he flew Russia. Then he just I don't know, probably he lives somewhere in my race. I don't know, actually, even just he created a Telegram, which is the messenger platform, which is not sure.

It's my select message, which is not related to contacted. But then he created Telegram got some messy investment. I feel like for $900 billion because a lot of people seen Telegram as the main messenger app for the crypto people. So all the ideas about crypto people would see this is kind of a secret security based messenger where it's hard to track, actually, who is posting what and a lot of crypto community will be placed there. But I think it was in the beginning, but it's not right now.

I think this court is the main channel for the crypto. So who would predict that this court would be like, the top form for the NFT community?

Yeah, but that's just an overview. So we can see this consequences of the Facebook going down and it's just interesting to analyze which other apps are out there. Which competition is there? So as you can see it as there is not that much competition, but still, in any case, Telegram can be or Signal app can really be some kind of competition to messenger. And what's up?

And before this year already a lot of people check out Signal and Telegram. I think we did another podcast episode maybe not sure block about it. That WhatsApp told that it will be moving it's like technical ecosystem much closer to to Facebook. And a lot of people who are like Scar, that all their what's up data will be shared to his Facebook or Port. I think it's already like being shared and everything.

So a lot of people just switch to Signal and the Telegram, which positions themselves as some more secure apps and all of that. So there you have it. So that's just like my thoughts on the Facebook update then, of course, some other weekly news. I'm also going through this tech newsletter. I think it's actually pretty cool.

So it's called this weekend apps. So of course, is it's updated to is 15. There are a lot of new features, but some people started to notice that Apple started to put advertisements in the Settings app. So of course, if you're using iphone, if you're not using iphone, the Settings app is one of the main, like Apple apps where you just control your name, your Icloud, your WiFi, all other apps and all of that. And it's the app you open quite frequently.

And in the top screen of that app, they started to promote services like Apple Music, which is a bit cringe. So there you have it. So do I have no Snapchat also like pushing a lot of updates this week's. So Snap introduced a series of new tools, programs and features that will enable craters on this platform to generate revenues. This include an expansion of Gifting feature to worldwide craters, the expansion of the crater marketplace to include Snap Stars, the line you how to resource called Creator Hub and the new way of Snapchat creators to be rewarded for making short form video for its synaptic to rival known as Spotlight.

So there you have it.

Yeah. So Snapchat is actually pushing a lot. And I actually really admire like Snapchat. And probably you have known that fight book really an Instagram really wanted to buy Snapchat Snapchat, but even speaker huge. And yeah, I think in the end it was the right decision because right now like Snapchat, this ground really amazingly.

And it's a separate company and a lot of teenagers actually really like Snapchat on many iphones teenagers. You can see that there is like a separate place for Snapchat. There is so messenger app and Snapchat is always there. So they found the really cool niche on it's. Amazing company.

So there you have it. Also another news that Instagram ditched. Igtv so the company will no longer refer to Islam Form video content as IGTV and will instead March IGTV and Instagram it video in the new format called simply Instagram video. And it's Brandon IGTV app is an Instagram video which will include everything material short form as five videos. So I'm not exactly sure about it, but probably, you know, that IGTV app was one of the last product which original like Instagram co founders created.

And I think there was some, like really provocative book about Facebook. And I think a lot of like Facebook team or maybe Mark are other people. They were just like they were scared of the pipe, which with Instagram has grown and especially this new TV app where Instagram was going into video, there were like, fried that Instagram will be the main app, not Facebook. Therefore, GTV never got, like, really a lot of support in spite of face with teams. And this app wasn't really developed properly, I think, and all of that so it was just left behind.

But okay, this is probably just my speculation. But I've heard like I've read somewhere on Twitter that really like people were afraid of Instagram page, how it was grown and outgrowing original Facebook app. And yeah, so that was the story even when Instagram was inside of the Facebook. So Yup.

So there you have it.

Youtube is interested in podcast, so company is higher than exactly due to overseas podcast in business.

So there we have Spotify and curse average ride broadcasters with publishing tools only which I'm using for this broadcast. Join the Spotify Audience Network. A new audio at Marketplace puts at operators in the reach for monetizes and campaigns. Yes.

Yeah, I'm using anchor, but if you're outside of you, I think you can't use these advertising features yet. But if you add here, you can activate anchor payments and then you can just have this add on. Just read them. And that's pretty convenient. But anyway, this was just like a quick overview of social apps.

And just like what's happening here in this ecosystem, I hope it was helpful. Check out my YouTube channel. Visit my blog Mr. Had and catch you up in the next episode.

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