Podcast - #19 Cash App Studios, Twitter Blue, many Clubhouse updates

#19 Cash App Studios, Twitter Blue, many Clubhouse updates
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  • What is Cash App Studio?
  • What is Twitter Blue? Would you pay for it?
  • Clubhouse release many new exciting updates.


Hey, everyone. So in this quick episode, let's talk about some tech and app updates, which I think worth your attention. So among big updates, I noticed this period for us is Cash App introduced something like Catch App Studios. So financial freedom for visionary artists. So what is that exactly?

So you can just go to Cash App Studios and Cashapstudios believes in freedom for artists, both financial and creative. We found emerging creators break out project to stitch Cash apps, creating principle of economic empowerment into the fabric of the creative industry. And then you can just contact them at cashappstudiosquareapp. Com. So there you have it and that's that's it everything.

What's on the landing page? There are some other reports from other media, like from Rollingston. Com that Catch Up wants to find your next album, but there aren't many details.

My question was is this also like, imagine if you're a SoundCloud creator and you had, like, 10,000 listeners, can you apply for this and get, like, $2,000 or something? But I don't know. All the details are not disclosed yet. They just launched on October 13. Seems like that.

And among the list of initial music artists Keshap has brought into the program, Victoria Monet, like Grammy, Venus Sunrisers and also who's crediting.

Thank you next. And along with artist producer Christopher Donati. So these are kind of like big names in the industry. So I'm not sure if that will work if you just like on SoundCloud credit some cool track.

According to Brian Grassadonia, who is a lead at Cash App, he said, we loan up how the importance of artistic expression and Cash App with the introduction of Cash App Studios, we will continue to support the freedom of the artists, both financially creatively. In keeping with our guiding principle is economic empowerment. We are excited to support the margin artists who are limitless in their vision with this new program. So yeah. So that's interesting.

Also, another aspect of this is also because Jack Dorsey, who is obviously cofounder of Twitter and cofounder of Square.

Basically, he has a major stake of the companies understanding. Square and Square, of course, owns and builds the Cash app. So earlier this year, Square bought a majority stake in the JZ found streaming service Title with Square Jack Dorstit in the purchase as another means of supporting music artists.

So there you have it. It comes down to one simple idea finding new ways for artists to support their work. So we can see it as an ongoing effort, basically for Cash app to go into the music industry to get that because still with Spotify with title with SoundCloud Apple music. Still the recent issue, especially for merchant artists and creators, music producers to get, like, a proper salary and all of that from these apps.

So Cashappstudios just keep an eye on it. Go to Cash AppStudios and let's just see how it evolves. So this is one of highlight. I noticed let's see what else is there. So yeah, I just wanted to bring your attention to Twitter Blue.

If you didn't heard about it, it's some interesting development which is happening. So Twitter Blue is kind of some subscription service which Twitter is working on. It's not live yet. It's better.

But the idea is that you can also follow them on Twitter Blue account, and it will include a lot of additional features. I don't know the price. What will be the price for Twitter Blue and all of that.

They introduced the Twitter Blue on the Twitter Block blog on 3 June with Twitter Blue. There is a first iteration of Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada. What can you do there basically bookmark folders. So if you're bookmarking something on Twitter, you can create folders. Right now, you can undo Tweet, type or forgot to text someone.

Then you can undo a Tweet and you can set a customizable timer after 30 seconds to click undo. So it's kind of like editing a tweet, but yeah, it's still not editing. Reader mode allows provides a more beautiful reading experience for those two in Australia and Canada. You get your tweets and sign up for Twitter Blue and be sure to follow Twitter Blue so that's interesting. And you can get these features and parts for the monthly price of three point Cad49.

So it's not that expensive.

Yeah. So I think I would definitely go for it. And they're adding more and more features. And some people are reporting on Twitter, like how that might look like. And so it's like an interesting development for people who like Twitter.

That's definitely something interesting, just bringing your attention to this topic.

What else there on Clubhouse? So remember Clubhouse, like the real time audio app, which was viral.

It went viral during summer, I guess. And then the attention to it just kind of dropped off. But a lot of apps just copied Clubhouse, Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Facebook, everyone introduces audio rooms, real time audio rooms, but still, Clubhouse is pushing a lot of updates. Of course, there is a lot of funding from entrance in Horvitz. As I just push and pushing all these updates, I was actually pretty impressed.

I logged back into the app and there are a lot of updates.

First, there is now like audio quality, so you can change the quality. If you're starting the room like high normal. For example, if you're playing some music instruments, you can just change to music mode, which is what introduced recently. So that's cool.

I'm just opening here notion there notion.

Also, you now have something like Clubhouse clips where you can just go to Clubhouse, enter the room and you need to be in the room for the last 30 seconds. And then when you're in the room for 30 seconds now, you can just kind of save that file for the last 30 seconds and share it. So it's kind of recording of the room and you can disable that feature. But it's kind of funny. It's actually pretty cool and you can share that on Twitter, Facebook and messenger, and this will be like a reply from Clubhouse.

Then they introduce some sort of Clubhouse links so you can share links to your private rooms.

I think the clip is actually the biggest update and there is something also really exciting coming to Clubhouse, which is called Replace. It's an entirely new way for people to experience rooms life, but later. So it's a motivated feature when people can actually record or like, have recorded clubhouse conversation. A lot of people when some big conversations happen on Clubhouse with Zillow masks and stuff, they just put them on YouTube after a few hours. But Replace means that when you start your room, your room will be discoverable on Clubhouse for as long as you like and available for you to download and share anywhere and replace.

Make it trivially easy to graduate audio content, get discarded by others and grow your audience over time. There are a lot of details we want to get right here. So we are going to be testing and continue to develop this feature in the wild for a few more weeks and plan to roll out access to craters and community members later in the coming week. So that's cool. Also, there is no way to start conversations.

So these are like direct messaging, like back channels like improved features to the clubs and special audio, special audio, which helps bring incredible rooms to life even more. And this audio you can listen on it's 3D start rolling out as a default. It's basically the default feature for iOS users and Android coming soon. So that's a lot of updates on Clubhouse and it's actually pretty advanced app. But still, if you go there, there aren't like that many people as you had before.

There are still some interesting rooms and interesting topics.

It started to feel a bit of like spammy. I think in the beginning when Clubhouse started, there were only like some venture capitalist. It was invite only, and there was like founders from Silicon Valley, and it created this exclusivity club.

But then Clubhouse just started to be open to everyone. There was an influx influx of users from all parts of the planet and a lot of like just then there was a life of people who just selling courses on clubhouse, just selling some random stuff. You have to be better at, like sales and all these rooms. And then it started to feel a bit spammy, so that I think, but I think it's still an amazing app. So anyway, let's wrap it up.

So that's what's your daily app over you. Thanks for listening. And let's catch up in the next episode.

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