Podcast - #20 Clash app is taking on TikTok

#20 Clash app is taking on TikTok

What is a Clash app and why it has a chance to become a TikTok competitor? How Clash focuses on a different monetization model, compared to TikTok.

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Hey, everyone. So let's talk about Clash app. So it's recently made headlines. And what it's about. So Clash app is one of TikTok competitors before the Clash app.

I think it existed already as a separate Clash app. And then there was another app which was called Wide. All these apps, which kind of have a similar interface to Tik Tok, and it's the same features. Basically just go there and you just browse short form videos. So much of this app started to appear in the period where it wasn't clear whether TikTok will be banned in the US or not.

So there were, like, five alternative apps. I also created videos about them on my YouTube channel.

So if TikTok will be banned. So these are the five apps which will take the space. But TikTok wasn't banned and it's part of history. So then the TikTok rival Bite was sold to Clash, and it was some kind of admission that TikTok's momentum couldn't be beaten. But now this app is launching, and I will try to explain why it makes sense.

Why the Hoffman okay, sorry, Tom Hoffman was the founder of Pi. But why is the Clash team, which is founded by Brandon Mcneirney?

Why he thinks there is a chance here, and I think he has a really good point.

So Clash was founded by Brenda Mcneerie, a former wine star with one point his own social following two non shattered app or 700,000 followers. By the way, like Wine app. Many years ago, it was acquired by Twitter, Twitter or Facebook.

It's like crazy that the Wine app was actually predicting all these moves with TikTok, and it was like pretty TikTok.

So there you have it.

Twitter acquired in October 2012 before it's officially released on January 24, 2013. It's crazy.

So imagine if one was still here. It will be a massive multi billion dollar company. And One was founded by Don Hoffmann Russio Superman calling June 1220. The company was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 for the 30 million vitamin reformed Intermedia Labs. And then Wine launched as a free app for iOS devices.

One became the most used video sharing application in the market. On April 17, One became the most downloaded free apps in the app app store.

So anyway, this is a story of wine. I'm going too deep.

So there was like an app like that. It ended nowhere. But of course, it's a part of history. And now there is a Clash app. And there is a chance for the Clash app to compete with TikTok because there is a focus here on Monetization.

So currently, if you're a TikToker, there is no partner program as on YouTube, so you can't just become a partner and have some kind of Tik Tok ads. Of course, there are some, like, partner programs on TikTok. If you're like, really big crater there.

I have seen something like that. And of course, people and more companies are buying like ad slots for TikTok influencers right now for very small price. Getting the exposure like millions of impressions. Exposure like few thousands of dollars. Of course, it depends on the niche, but still monetization.

My point is that monetization is a huge problem on TikTok. So Clash introduces the virtual tipping mechanism called Drops, a custom messaging system called Fundmail. So when you create an account on Clash, I just created the videos about Clash. You are given 250 drops. So it's like virtual coins.

It's not Bitcoin or something, just like virtual gamification element. And then if you like the creator's video, you can either send a funmile like, hey, I like your video, your glass, and then you can send I think it's like 25 or something drops. Also, you can just send, like, a different amount you like. So I'm here opening the Crash app. So yeah, you can send 155 drops or you can send a fun mile and send, like, the moment you want, starting from 100 and 5500.

Yeah. Okay. It really depends on the crater. So if the Crater is really like, big, then he will. I don't know.

So that's about it. And then what happens? Of course, when your 250 drops are over, you need to purchase them. So then in the top right corner that you have some select drop shop so you can purchase, like, 500 drops for five point $99 and 5000 drops for.

So you can get that. And then, of course, if you are a creator on the Clash app, you can get paid. So that's interesting. So to apply to Redeem, you must have earned 2500 or more drops. He participates in the Crash community to earn more drops, then come back and try again.

So then yeah, you can just cash out. So that's kind of a deep jar feature where creators and viewers can support each other. So Twitter introduced TipJar recently where you can tip your favorite creators and Twitter with money with Patreon, even with Bitcoin and Ethereum. And this is kind of a similar model. Instead of just focusing on ads, you can just support the writers via drops.

I think there were also some other apps in this category. This just focus and they're getting some traction where you show a popular creator, you just earn some amount of drops per month and then you just cash out similar to memberships on YouTube.

So yeah, that's basically the Clash app kind of like Patroni says large platforms like TikTok can limit craters. Monetization potential. Tiktok is a reality machine. It just creates new creators every day an issue because there is only so many dollars. There is only so many dollars in the Crater fund.

The founder took expansion from what was working well in other industries like Twitch content only funds for adult content and patrons from project based work like podcast.

So that's interesting. Overview hope. Yeah. This quick order was helpful.

Yeah. Check me out in the future episodes thank you for listening. Bye.

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