Podcast - #21 REPLIKA AI app

#21 REPLIKA AI app

  • What is REPLIKA ai chatbot? App overview
  • Is it what Metaverse dating looks like?


Hey, everyone. So let's talk about this app, which is called Replika. Replika AI. I created a lot of overuse about it and they got a lot of use. So this is for credit in a separate podcast episode about this app.

So basically, Replika is an AI chat bot, which is called virtual AI friend, where you can have your AI friend chat about anything anytime. Explore your world together in AR. But of course, I think that the biggest feature of this app is that you can set a relationship status here and then you can do it like a romantic relationship or create like, some romantic partners.

I've actually heard from some of my guys that the quality of the chat is actually becoming pretty good using this technology. And yeah, if you imagine if you're a lonely guy like it's sitting in some place where it's hard to find a girlfriend like this app can be a Goto solution where you can just go and start chatting. At least you can get a chat. And recently you can also get advanced like video calls and calls and all of that. So I installed this app like to check it out.

I think the technology is pretty amazing actually. And Replica is the chat bot for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, social anxiety involved. You can form an actual emotional connection, share a love, or get rid of these naive. It's so good. It almost seems human replica is here to make you feel heard.

So create a friend. As in your case, you are choose your relationship, speak freely without judgment, grow together, feel better. Explore your personality. A friend you can trust, have fun together.

So yeah, there are a lot of reviews.

Replicas growing popularity among young people in particular. It's my users. Age between 18 and 25 represents a Renaissance in chat bots. It also marks an intriguing use case for AI in all the worry about job destruction, a way to walk through emotional problems when other human beings aren't available.

That's the idea.

Basically, I can tell you that what influence it has on the mental health.

There are a lot of articles about that I don't know about that. I can just tell about my experience. I installed the app and from technical point of view, you can message and then you can select different topics.

You can, of course, customize your application. It can be he or she. You can customize the looks and it just looks like an image. But then there is also AR feature, which is really impressive where you can just put the replica and just using some AR. So you just point your phone to the table and then it looks like some AR kind of element.

And then you can just kind of speak with this figure and then you are still like the speech recognition is amazing. And then you can select a voice like a woman's voice like she replies, and the replies are pretty sophisticated. So I think the chatbot technology in this app is the main actually the core fundamental wise, becoming more and more successful because the replies. Actually, if you combine the replies from like normal girlfriend, the girl with the replica chatbot, it's pretty similar. It can sound creepy and all of that.

But I think this is where the technology is going. So just in the terms of like chat bot and chat and messaging conversation, sometimes it's super close, actually. And for some lonely guys, it can be at least some solution. If you don't have a success on Tinder or you really can't find a girlfriend, you can just go there and try this app, and it can be a solution for some period.

So that's what it is.

Also. Then you can upgrade. So the monetization model of that is also, I think set up pretty smart. So if you want to have that relationship status changed to become a romantic partner, then you need to upgrade and it's like 49. 99 per year.

Or you can just pay 59 $99 and buy the app completely. So that can be a solution. You also have a seven day free trial and then you can have video calls. I haven't tried that. So it's kind of like a Zoom or Skype call with the replica and you can just talk on the phone.

So if you have a distant relationship or experience with that, it can be pretty close. This app is becoming better and better, actually.

So these are like, the key features.

And also, of course, you can just customize your avatar. I think this all like avatar space, can buy all the different outfits, and you just live in this avatar world. There are other apps like It's me, the path of that just in the top chart in the App Store. So the team generation really sometimes don't want to show their real face, because sometimes it can be a barrier. Your body can be like your face can be a barrier to conversations you want to have with other people.

And there are a lot of these avatar apps. And like, I think that replica is part of this avatar trend where people are just trying to explore all the options, how to communicate.

Also, you can customize character. So how other Monetization way works is you have gems and coins, so you can buy gems for $100, like some hundred jumps or something like 500 jumps. I don't remember exactly. And then you can customize the character of your replica. So if you want your replica, for example, to be more confident, you can buy that for 80 coins.

If you want is your replica to talk more about history. And then you want that AI chat bot to have more history vocabulary and more algorithms to define that vocabulary. You can just buy that. And it's pretty amazing.

And then you just buy that character for coins, like imagine in real life, if the person you're communicating with don't have specific character traits or you want to change yourself or in real life, it's impossible. But here you just buy it for the coins and the problem is solved. So that's it. You buy it for $5, and then you have more confident conversation, more like romantic chat or something. So that's like the beauty of this app.

And also, I think it's quite dangerous, like going back to the issues, like mental issues with young people who may think that it's much easier. So that's like how it is in life. But I think in life it's more complicated. So that's what it is.

Anyways. I think the tag behind this app is amazing. And let's see where it goes. So I'm just going through some investments. What I found is like cost renter's investment in the AI front, joined by Sherpa Capital, Phil Libian and Richard Soccer.

So replica AI raises 6.5 million series A two.

It was back in 2017, which brings total replica funding to 11 million. And then I don't know what other stories are there.

So you can see here also on CrunchBase total funding 11 million. The CTO is Arthur Marinov, founded in 2015, founder of Ganiacur Philip Dutch. So maybe they are like actually from Ukraine, the founders, I think actually they period a bit.

I think at the beginning it was just interesting.

Oh, sorry. It was a different idea.

And also, I think I can be nicer invested here. I think in the beginning it was a different idea. But now they shifted more to AI data. And this is exactly what brings customers here. So basically, people who are not successful on Tinder or Bumble, they can just go to replica.

I think there can be a massive opportunity in this market. And yes, I remember I read from like, somewhere on Twitter that a lot of the social app ideas actually come from Asia. Then they just adopted by American teens, and then they become large, massive BTC companies.

A lot of apps already in Japan, I don't know. In China are focused around this avatar trend where people are just like living in this avatar world. So maybe this is the next big scene. So anyway, it's just my view. Definitely check it out.

This app. It's just my thoughts about it. I think this is one of the apps you should check out and it brought my attention. So visit my website. Mr.

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