Podcast - 24.09 Tech & app news

24.09 Tech & app news

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  • China bans crypto activities
  • Twitter introduces tipjar with Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Mailchimp sold to Intuit - employees' reaction


Hey, everyone, welcome to mrhackio podcast. And let's just do a quick overview of some tech news, especially about some cool apps. So I'll just try to do more of this overviews and podcast just yeah, to have your attention. So I think one of the biggest news which just broke that China deems all crypto transactions illegal in flights crack down.

The China's Central Bank said that all cryptocurrency related transaction illegal and mentions from the bank. All cryptocurrencies are not Fiat currencies and cannot be circulated on the market. The bank also called crypto transaction elicit financial activities.

China's economic planning agencies at the routing out crypt is with all to meet China's carbon goals. Bitcoin drive 4.5% on Friday and a lot of crypto assets. Crypto coins just dropped in value so that's majority of coins are not dropped in value. So maybe it can be a by an opportunity. So you have more on that.

So then it oneover 6% a term declined by 9%. The agency said the China would actually develop new systems to counter crypto risk, including blocking overs crypto exchanges from providing services to Chinese residents to ban aims to Cortel financial risk and reduce environmentally in fact, a crypto mining. So that's that basically. So there you have it. A lot of people actually see use case in Bitcoin or crypto chart because it was kind of quite predictable that this stuff might happen.

And then you can just for example, example, if you own some crypto assets, you can withdraw them from countries like China or something else, and it's quite hard for China to get access to it. So this kind of assets, they give more kind of ability to move your funds around. So this is like a very strong use case for cryptocurrencies and why they might exist. I think this is just like my thoughts.

Like Twitter released the feature that you can send tips in Bitcoin can receive tips in Bitcoin.

This is the apps first for a intercept currency. Twitter said they would have to empower crates and provide them with access to pathways to get paid. Theater is also in there. I just explore and authentication service which would enable users to display and on their profile. So that's also pretty cool.

So yeah, if you go to Twitter profile, you will just see this little money icon there. So that's where you can just tip before you could get Pipal. One more other services like battery on. Now it's also Bitcoin and term. I created a video about that house so you can just search on my channel.

And then when you just click on Bitcoin a theorem, it will just and basically copy that fine address. So that's cool. Another big news. This guy is just like EU propose that we use C for all devices. So the European Commission proposed a plan to force electric electronic manufacturers to fit the standard USB charger Port on all devices.

Use wired charging the move to cut down on device by a lot of people to user Chargers. So that's cool. Yeah. I mean, that's just the news.

But of course, Apple is quite unhappy about it. Apple uses is online important on the iphone and the regulation put SEFUL innovation and harm custom consumers. So that's the squad from Apple. The company plans to engage the stakeholders and find the solutions that protect consumer interest. So that's that.

Yeah. It's actually pretty interesting phenomena. So imagine that the governmental body can regulate some software or a gadget feature or like, five or some gadgets. Imagine if tomorrow that European Commission can say that. Hey, you need to have only around buttons.

Or is it not only cirtical phones or something like that, a part time exagoration, but it's an interesting precedent.

Yeah. Why European Commission is doing that again. The move aims to cut down on ebay by allowing people to use their Chargers because of course, if you have multiple devices, you need to have five different charging cables. They're often lost. And you need to find new ones.

And it's okay. That makes sense. But this kind of regulation, it's also a bit weird. So it's just interesting to see where it will end. Maybe Apple with you.

You go to Apple, like whenever it ends. It's just an interesting precedent. Let's see what happens here. Then there is like Mile mile Chimp was sold for 12 billion for Intuit. So Intuit beside fintech company value that are 150,000,000,000.

So I think actually, and their stock, like Intuit stock is growing consistently over the last year, I think, because they start drawn so well, I think in fact, I just got it my Tim for free.

So there you have it. But there is an interest from Format current employee record deal. And my team is Bootstrap is no funding. So this company was started, I think, back in your early 20 00 20 02 or something. I don't remember the exact name Tim previously promoted.

Bootstrap culture is not quite equity, as I had no plans to sell.

So I think I've heard it somewhere on Chastain podcast. I think that Mail team told we're not going to we're not going to sell. The founders saw that. And we're not going to take investors on one from they did it. They narrow to an in me, but in fact, in them they just sold it.

And a lot of employees didn't get shares. But on the other hand, it's also positive that my old them it was famous that it provided very like my salaries and a lot of ones. So a lot of cash. So it was your attract. If you want to work with my team, basically, you'll just get a high style, my salary, a lot of cash, but no option.

And a lot of people think look like if you found company, it's your freedom to decide what you will do. And you just say, like okay, please. You can have shares. Or you can just work as a higher salary or some other scheme. It's just like your company.

You decide. So that's that. But what's your thoughts? So this is just like a preview. I think what was like the top news this day.

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