Podcast - Cardano ADA at two-month lows vs. Bitcoin

Cardano ADA is at two-month lows vs. Bitcoin.

Cardano Upcoming Alonzo Update
Cardano Upcoming Alonzo Update
  • Will ADA go up after retreat?
  • Are you bullish or bearish on ADA?
  • Is it a buying opportunity for ADA?


Hello. So let's talk about this news that Cardano actually is at two months lost with Bitcoin at a price has been struggling against US dollar in October.

So some people say some markets know that the general is seen as a warning of more downside in the New York Times for Cardano. And I'm just reading some website Cointelegraph. Com that basically add a Bitcoin daily price chart featuring October 2021 downfall. So all the time it was just basically following Bitcoin gross. But now it's just falling down.

And then for example, in September 2020, the Donna tokens price dropped almost 38% against Bitcoin.

And then there was like another decline during May 12, 2019 62. 50% price decline.

So that's an interesting overview here. Like what do you think is the Cardana over? Or it's a good buying opportunity because it says here in the article, the likelihood of an immediate sell off reminds relatively low. That's mainly because other relative strength index, which alerted the token sales against Bitcoin salt is below 30.

Other BTC rate reflects Cardana's quantity performance against the US dollars in the recent sessions versus Bitcoin. We just search massively against the dollar in the same time frame.

So for instance, Bitcoins wants to die against the dollar sit around 43%.

So that's kind of interesting, a lot of bloggers and corners. Actually, we're talking about that Cardana.

It's a good asset and there are a lot of price predictions and why Cardano price is dropping and all of that.

And you can see the questions back from 2020.

So I do know all the insights around it.

So Cardinal price prediction will add a go up after retreat. So I'm reading here on Capital. Com.

So why is the price not in step from the broader cryptocurrency markets? And when, if at all, will Cardano explode to new heights? Cardano has actually advanced to be the world's fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has shed value in the past month, even as Bitcoin and Ethereum have advanced to approach the all time highs.

So Cardano reached all time height of three point $0.10 on the 2 September, up by 26% from previous all time to 46 on six in May.

So Cardana had like 70 billion market capital market capitalization.

So Cardano also announced partnerships with landless restoration and Three plans and verification company Three to secure its records on the Cardana blockchain Esports engagement platform rival to develop Nifty Marketplaces, fintech venture fund Ubiques and all of that.

But then Cardano price retreats from it highs. Starting from the September, it started to go down and the price fell back below $2.5 on 8 September. And the main question, of course, Cardano price prediction will Cardano about in future. So we would go up for the longer term. The Cardana USD forecast from Wallet Investor is more boost, predicting that the average price could reach two points and by the end of 21 and by the end of 2025 hit twelve door door.

The other coin price prediction from Digital Coin project the price to average 389 in 2022 and peak in 2020. The Cardano in investment will average nine point $42.

There you have it. I'm just trying to at the time of writing, short term technical analysis from coin colleagues was bearish with 14 in the cart indicators giving bullish signals and 15 bearish signals. The relative strengthening and moving average conversions divergence were neutral while the moving average was given a buy signal and the volume weighted moving average a sell signal. Weekly moving averages by coin collections predicted that's the coin could trade 223 by 23 October for the longer term, the Cardana forecast from the Wallet investor is more bullish, so.

Yeah, let's see how it goes.

What do you think? Is it a buying opportunity or not?

That's just a quick insight. Hope. It was enjoyable. Let's catch up in the next episode.


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