Podcast - Coinbase NFT - what you should know? Coinbase - official NBA crypto/NFT partner

Coinbase NFT - what you should know? Coinbase - official NBA crypto/NFT partner.

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BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE & how to use
  • Coinbase takes on OpenSea by launching NFT platform. Sign up for the waiting list.
  • Will Coinbase overtake OpenSea?
  • Coinbase became an official NBA, WNBA NBA2k crypto partner


Hey, everyone, welcome to another episode of Mr. Hacker podcast. So let's talk about breaking news. So Coinbase is excited to announce that as of today, there are the official crypto platform for NBA W, NBA, NBA, Two, K League and USA Basketball. Let's go.

So that's like great news for Coinbase. And it's part of the greater project, which is called Coinbase NFT. Yes. So Coinbase is opening NFT Marketplace and you can sign up right now for the waiting list.

I tried to do that, but when you try to sign up for the waiting list, the traffic is so high that sometimes you just can't do that right away. You need to wait a few hours and go again to the website. Try again because the traffic is so heavy. Actually, there you have it. But let's just talk more about in this episode about what is going by San Francisco and what we know so far.

So let's just go through their blog and see what it says there. So the blog is written by San Kon Saxena, he's vice President of product and ecosystem with Coinbase. So Coinbase NFT is coming soon. Join the whitelist today for early access Coin by NFT. Our mission at Coinbase is to increase economic freedom in the world by bringing more people to join the creator community and profit from their work.

And if these have an important role to play in this mission, their impact is already being solved. Nfd artists have shaken up the traditional art world. Industries such as fashion, game and music are recognizing the power of NFT to unlock new forms of creativity and ownership. Today we are announcing Coinbase NFP, a peer to peer marketplace that will make maintenance, purchasing, showcase and Discard NFT easier than our just current base help millions of people access Bitcoin for the first time in an easy, entrusted way. You want to do the same for the NFT, so there you have it.

So they say here Coinbase NFT is creative and Creator first Creator NFT should be a simple step in few buttons. Anything more complicated is a barrier to creativity and there are some early screenshots. It looks very clean. There is some resemblance, I don't know. Maybe just for me, this Instagram, I think that some of the design of Coinbase NFT looks like the top version of Instagram.

Honestly, maybe it's only me, but maybe it's a good design choice because obviously Instagram is one of the top social media apps like in this visual space.

The initial launch will support Ethereum based ERC seven, two, one and ERC one, one, five standards multi chase support plan soon after we provide the best user experience, but we will never lock craters in. There is a developing community and it should expand the creative economy so you can sign up for the access and regular updates visiting Coinbase. Com nxtannounce and all of that. So it has 1.2K claps already on their blogs.

So there you have it.

So that's interesting news. Of course, the biggest NFT marketplace so far is Open Sea. Open Sea was funded by Y Combinator back in the day and it was just some kind of geeky website until just recently and it just became viral. And you have a lot of this. I'm not that deep yet in NFC space, but you have a lot of these communities like crypto, punks board apes people making a lot of money and all of that is connected to Discord servers and Gen Z just discussing all these deals.

I have a feeling that all the hype went away from like crypto trading and stock trading and Robin Hood just trade into the trading nifties.

So let's just go there.

I'm just going here through the crunch article to look for some interesting insights. So even as Bitcoin inches closer to the all time high, it was filled in when the coin buys directly to make sure Coin buy stock has still failed to keep prices or bonding gross of some of the most popular coins in the space now down some 27% from the direct listing in April.

So the exchange simultaneously has regulators breathing down their neck with the CEC recently searching to the company over their land heels products. The launch of beach were cancelled. Coinbase is also dealing with a crowded competitive landscape state site for buying and crypto like Robinhood Crypto dot com finance all of that. And Coinbase NFT is a new major product which could open a major revenue source to the now public company after spiking errors this year and again in August, the NFT market is showing more resiliency than many expected.

Openc saw a record 3.4 billion in transaction volume in August.

So I'm following a guy Tom Osman on Twitter who's working for MicroPad, also another amazing website for no code creators. He just had the Strat on his Twitter and he bought Rock NFD. I think it's one of iconic collections. He just bought it for like $6,000 and sold it for many Ethereums like gas and making massive successful investments. So that's what happened in August and the high price now is just immense around all this NFC area.

Open Sea is a dominant power in this space, but it is far from the only players and coin base you'll have to compete, please. So Finance FTX also announced recent entries into NFT Marketplace ecosystem. Coinbase is launching much later than some of its own to be competitors.

So who knows, is it too late to enter this NFT marketplace space or not?

I think it's actually right about good time because stupid comments you can see like back in the days when a lot of in the 90s, for example, there were a lot of search companies.

Competitors like to Google and Google only appeared in 99 site, which is already like two eight and I'm the dominant player the same with Facebook. So my Spice was already for I think some period. And then Facebook was created and dominated that area. So maybe it's just a good spice. Maybe who knows, going bikes and Ft will overcome Openc and become a top player.

But I think openc is still amazing platform. And I think it still will perform well.

Yes. So notable purchase in NFT Space include the almost $70 million Summon shelf for a digital collage made by Mike Queen Coleman, the artist known as people, and nearly 3 million another person paid for first hour tweet, which Jackdoorship published. And yeah, so there you have it. So that's just the preview. So definitely go sign up for NXT Marketplace.

Let's see how it will work out. So let's catch up in the next episodes.

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