Podcast - Facebook's new name, Sonar app, PayPal in talks to buy Pinterest

Facebook's new name, Sonar app, PayPal in talks to buy Pinterest

BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE &...
BeReal app - SUPER QUICK GUIDE & how to use
  • Facebook might want to change its name
  • Sonar app overview - another metaverse app?
  • Will PayPal buy Pinterest?


Hello, everyone. So welcome to the new episode of the Mr. Hacker podcast. So in this episode, let's talk about just latest news. First, of course, the top news is that Facebook is trying to change its name.

It's focused on building the matavars. The source is a direct knowledge of the matter. So there was some leak or something that the name change should happen as around October 28 at the upcoming annual Connect conference. And it can be even sooner. We can know like the new way of the Facebook.

So Facebook is not on the Facebook app. Of course. It's also WhatsApp Instagram occurs. And more and spokesperson for Facebook declined to comment for this story. So that's everything what is known so far so that's it Facebook plans to change the name of part of the company or brand under the plans, Facebook would change the name of its holding company, but not that of its a funny social media platform known internal as a big blue app as well as it's found inside.

The company also owns Instagram. What happens? Virtual reality brand or Columbus reported that the new name for the holding company could be linked to Horizon.

Zuckerberg launched his company as Facebook 17 years ago, and in the famous movie about Facebook, it was finally told that hey, like change from that Facebook to Facebook. I think overall, it's a bit over hyped in my opinion. I think for example, Google also changed the name of the holding company to Alphabet and Alphabet holds like Google, YouTube, Google X project, some other projects and all of that. And it just was reflecting as the a to explain like all angles where Google wants to be in. So like Alphabet and all the colors and all their products like Google will be in all areas of your life or something.

So I think that's just my subjective shot. But anyways, just interesting to see what's happening. There also Facebook plans to add 10,000 jobs in Europe building consumer hardwire like our glasses that Zuckerberg believes you will eventually be as UBC with just as smartphones. In July, he told the March that over the next several years we were affected with transition from people seeing us as being a social media company to being a meta various company.

So yeah, so that's that and this keyword matters also was doing a lot of circles on social media. I think the early signs of matter where we can already see right now in many apps. So you can try like for example, replica app or Zipato app or like reality avatar app, which already in top 100 apps in the US App Store. So basically this is like some social media apps where you just have your avatar or 3D avatar and you can be anonymous. You don't even need to upload your real photos or videos or anything, and you can just hang out with your friends and your friends.

Also avatars. Of course, they are real people. They are not bots, but nobody wants to disclose their real identity there. And yeah, it's just like an avatar world. So I think that's the early signs of this matters.

And for a lot of people, it really makes a lot of sense. Sometimes if you upload all your photos to Facebook for a lot of people, it can be a barrier from Privacy reasons and from some other reasons to not open an account because then you need to expose yourself. You can be criticized. You can compare yourself to others, and that creates a lot of issues. But if it's like a matter of company, then you can avoid all of that because you can also look ideal and your profile can be perfect.

You can just buy some coins or some gems and make a perfect body, perfect outfit. And that's it. You don't need to show your real identity, so maybe that can solve it. And of course, with the Oculus and also spiritual reality stuff, it's even more intriguing. So that's interesting to see.

I just did another video overview of another app, which is called Sonar. So it also has like elements of this matter.

It's in the top chart in the US App Store recently. So some are trade worlds together. So basically you can just be like an emoji, and then you are as an emoji. You just go in some rooms, you listen to songs together, to music, you play games together. But everyone else is also just an emoji.

And then you have live audio chat and all of that. And you don't need to show your photos and all of that. So maybe that kind of is the future where people don't need actually to disclose their real identities. And everyone just lives in this kind of matter. Whereas the world.

So this app is like you don't have any photos and you just hang out like an emoji in different spaces and dimensions and rooms. So it's called Sonar Crate worlds together. So go check it out. In another news today, PayPal is reportedly in tox to acquire Pinterest and PayPal in 45 billion for Pinterest.

Paypal holding has offered to buy digital Pinboard side for $45 billion. Some people are reporting it a combination that could Herald more financial technology and social media tabs. In Ecommerce, it would be the biggest acquisition of social media company, surpassing Microsoft 26.2 billion purchase of Linkage in 2016. The deal towards commerce Internet shoppers increasingly buy items they see on social media, often following influencers and platforms such as Instagram and Ticktock. Find Pint interest below PayPal to capture more of that e commerce growth and diversify.

It comes through advertising revenue.

So PayPal has offered $70 per share, mostly in stock for Pinterest, so online pilots provider hopes to successfully negotiate and announce a deal by the time it reports quarterly earnings on November 8. So there you have it. Nobody responded to request for the comments and PayPal shares. Nearly 5% shares jumped 12% to $62. So there you have it.

What do you think, guys? Yeah. What's the deal here? Like, Pinterest has actually seen incredible growth recently, and it was grown pretty immensely.

It's like visual social media. So similar to Instagram reflects some kind of Instagram. Of course, Instagram is the top app. Pinterest app is a bit more niche, and I think famously, Mark Zuckerberg, at some point told that Pinterest will always be niche. Facebook was thinking to buy Pinterest, but he just told that it will be niche or something.

Yeah, I personally have Pinterest account, which is called motivated, so you can follow that. So it just creates a lot of inspirational motivational quotes. And at some point, I had, like, 10 million monthly impressions on Pinterest. That was a lot. And I had, like, a website so you can go multiwisely call, like on other websites.

Also, I have, like, 60 50,000 monthly page views coming from Pinterest. But then something happened and Pinterest significantly reduced their algorithm or something else happened. And then the visits coming from Pins drastically fell down, probably because they pushed a lot of their advertising on Pinterest.

So that's about that. But, yeah, that's basically it. I hope this quick overview was helpful catch up in the next episode.

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