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Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter etc are pushing a lot of updates. Let’s unpack.


Hey, everyone, welcome to mrhackio, your podcast. So today let's take a look of some major updates online social media apps because a lot of stuff is happening there. So let's just take a look at what's happening. So I think Twitter is just rolled out a big update to the Twitter spaces.

That basically you can now easier share audio room with others. You can invite cohosts to your Twitter space. And that's pretty fun. And there are much more updates there. So recently Twitter removed Twitter fleets.

So it was just like stories featuring Twitter. So they removed that a lot of people are actually quite positive about that on Twitter itself because it shows that Twitter focusing on the main product. And if the product doesn't work out, they just leave it alone. And they just disable. That.

So pretty nice a projection. But anyways, Twitter spices is becoming more popular. So now in the top barn Twitter, you can only see Twitter spices, which is instead of Twitter spices and fleets. And that's quite fun. And club house.

I think more and more people instead of just using Club Apologist, go to Twitter itself until just using Twitter spaces. So that's that also Snapchat. Snapchat also added some my Space My Places feature in Snap Map, so which allows users to log their five red spots. Also, Snapchat was down on Thursday. There was big outage.

People were searching like crazy what to do if Snapshot is down. People who are trying to delete Snapchat app, a lot of people who are curious like what will happen if you delete your Snapchat app, what will happen to your profile? So. But that was fixed. Yeah.

By the way, if you delete a Snapchat and log back in, nothing will happen to your data. So we just feel free to delete the app. But of course, if you delete your account, I think your data can be gone. Instagram also is working on 60 seconds videos. Reals.

So previously Real is like a tick to clone in Instagram. So previously the limit. There was like 30 seconds. Now it's extended to 60 seconds in TikTok itself. They extended this to three minutes.

So before you could only upload 60 seconds vertical short videos on TikTok. Now you can upload out to three minutes. So it's no longer like super short videos, but more like medium short videos on TikTok. There are a lot of updates to TikTok live. I recently just noticed a lot of live streams, and it's pretty fun.

But I try to start a live stream on TikTok and you can only do that if you have thousand followers. So I don't have thousand followers on tick Tock. So just follow me on TikTok and yeah, so I can try it out. Okay. I'm just joking, but yeah, super nice features there on TikTok Live.

It's like a live streaming feature of TikTok. You can add filters, and there are a lot of like features where people can actually tip you and you can earn some points and probably make some revenue. Your TicToc live streams interest. So I've been to launch a new tools for creators to monetize our content with ideas. Beans.

So now yeah, basically you can add some more affiliate links in interest and earn money like that. I actually tried a lot of interest. I had like an app or website Museum, and now I'm just renaming it to Motivate Ly. It's basically I just created a lot and a lot of quotes and this account a mass like 800 plus followers and interest. And at some point it has dreamlike more than 500 monthly visit to the website.

But then out of nowhere, I just dropped significantly. So just after some algorithm update or something, the interest just smashed my account. I don't know why it happened. I wrote a blog post around it, but probably they just tried to push much more advertising or they just try to be much more strict around it. So you the traffic dropped significantly.

I don't know. It happened just before it. And after that I didn't really touch interest at all. I will give it another try. Probably.

We'll see just maybe just some moderate attention there just to see if it works or what can be the scenarios. But it's really like a bit annoying that you can just have some work and then it's just smashed by some algorithm, but hopefully it can restore and it can draw back or you can monetize direct on Pinterest. But anyways, interest is kind of a niche medium. So it's not like a YouTube or Tig talk or some like big names or Instagram. There are a lot of influence influencers making money.

But if you found a good niche and interest yes, you can make money and you won't have that much of a competition. There are a lot of bloggers which are making more than six figures per month just on Pinterest. And it's a niche. Yeah. If you just found it and you just keep passing good, great content, you can just go nuts with it.

And yeah. So that's pretty fun. So yes, for fortified to release new features before they had like a club house clown called Green Room. I created also video overused about that. You can visit my website.

Mr. Hager. I also basically you can have, like real time audio chats in this Green Room app, which was acquired by Spotify before. But now it only has 140K installs on iOS. But if you take that Spotify has 365,000,000 most active users, then it's not that much.

But let's see how it works. Also Spotify ads like what's new feed in the top. Right. So if you tap on notification bill and update Spotify app, there is like what's new section. And then you can just see your latest music artist, update, latest podcast and all of that.

So that's that there's just a lot of updates that you can listen to. The social apps.


So there you have it. Just click over you an update of social apps this week. And yeah, of course, about YouTube. I almost forgot that YouTube also did a lot of push into the shorts. So I think that's the main feature where YouTube is put in all of its efforts recently.

There are small updates here and there. But yeah, YouTube is pushing a lot of engineering power into shorts. So they just added short step in the Mind YouTube app. So before the second tab from the left was explored, tap. Now it's a short step, and Explorer tab is moved into the small button in the top left in Explorer tab, you could see, like, top trending videos, new rising creators, and stuff like that.

Now you just have, like, a short step. And the growth. So short feet is just enormous in YouTube, so demand is bigger than supply. There are not enough videos, short videos for people to watch. So I think you can even post some shit content right now on YouTube short section.

And it will grow like crazy. So I think it's an amazing opportunity for you as a creator to jump onto the short train and check, check out all these features. Try to make all of that because as I talk, was grown exponentially in the first period. And the shorts on YouTube is basically the very minimalistic copy of TikTok. It doesn't, of course, have all of these advanced filters, advanced features, all of that.

But I think people that YouTube understand that it kind of is the future. But that's where the attention of the Gen Z is this, like, short particle videos to very low attention span. Where, like, in the 20 30 seconds, you deliver the maximum amount of entertainment. There is nobody who is watching all the 30 minutes YouTube clips as it was like, five years ago, the content should be enormously, high quality. Or you just should like all some documentaries, all of that.

That's just I'm telling my experience. Yeah, of course. If it's like high quality content, I will watch, like, 30 minutes on YouTube. Other than that, I don't want to I will just watch some, like, ten minute clips or something like that. And I think the younger generation is just even more has even smaller, shorter attention span.

Okay. It's just an overview. So yeah, I think the YouTube shorts is definitely one of the areas where you want to focus as a YouTuber. So does that. I just had some insights from tack lines this weekend.

Apps new flatter. It should be a new litherson, but now it's just a section. Super cool. Just go there, try read all the news about apps.

Heck, you subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcast or Fortify. Whenever you're listening to podcast, I visit my website, mrhack.io, and see in the next episode.

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