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Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, Twitter, Slack… – literally everyone is copying Clubhouse real-time audio. Will Clubhouse survive?



So what caught my attention this week. Basically, a lot of apps and popular social media platforms are taking on clubhouse. So if you don’t know clubhouses, Real-Time audio streaming app, which gone really viral. And yeah, so now a lot of social media apps and not on the social media apps are launching this clubhouse like feature. So first is Discord. So this is sort of like a real time messaging is kind of like a Slack. So basically Discord introduced something like stage channels, so I created the separate video about that.

So basically, now you can go to this court and you can create the stage channel. And so for that, you need to create your own server. Got that like two community category. So it should be not the simple server, but community. And then you can create a stage which is basically a clubhouse feature in discourse. So it is for free. You don’t need to upgrade. And all of that are also in addition to that voice channels where you can just talk in voice already.

So there are like channels and washhouse in discord. So I’m reading from TechCrunch Sow. Discord says the new kind of channel will be useful for stuff like voice based, my interviews, book clubs and Unicare OK. So that’s that then there is LinkedIn, LinkedIn also confirms it’s working on the clubhouse to. So LinkedIn has now confirmed its test and social order experience in its app, which would allow greater on is not forced to connect with our community. LinkedIn formalized Stamatis efforts with the launch of New Krater mode.

So that’s that. So. That’s kind of cool. So, yep, so of LinkedIn, it can be super interesting for them because you imagine you are just in your professional network and you can just start an audio chat so it can be super cool and interesting and exciting of.

LinkedIn says we are seeing nearly 50 percent growth in conversation on LinkedIn, reflected in stories, video shares and posting the platform, and they are saying we are doing some other task to grab the unique audio experience connected to your professional identity. And there are some early drafts of LinkedIn stories, not stories, just like audio experience. So next, Twitter, Twitter already launched some select Twitter spices, and I created video overviews about that.

And I think at the moment is it is one of the main actually competitors to clubhouse because, yeah, a lot of people are using Twitter. And yes, there is just feels natural. You are tweeting, you’re using Twitter app and then here this Twitter Spice’s how it’s called, so Twitter space. And then you have this audio experience on Twitter. So that’s that’s kind of cool as well. So I did and a video over earlier about that and it’s it’s released.

So it’s live, but it’s a bit better version. So if you want to participate in Twitter Spice’s just follow some interesting Twitter names or some creators and basically tweet their app on the mobile. In the top left, you’ll see some like bubble like pink or something like tabs. And you can type on that and you can start listening to audio. And the more you listen, the more the higher the chance that you will get invited to this better.

And so I was invited. And now when I type decried the tweets in my bottom right, I can I can just create a Twitter space. And it’s like real time audio experience. It looks super similar, not similar Aquacade, which is a similar to clubhouse. And it’s also interesting because Twitter announced something like super follows, I guess so where you can basically have people pay you. And Twitter is also working on the like so you can to connect in Patreon one or to connect random people to Twitter.

And for example, if someone is talking, you can just send Sandeep’s we are Twitter. So this is the way to monetize Twitter following. And it’s super exciting.

Also, like TechCrunch reports that Facebook is working on something around clubhouse. New York Times reported that back in February.

There are armed like, uh. Exact features or announcements, budget, just some prototypes, and that is social experience or social experience could fit within Facebook’s exist then app.

So, yeah, you can see something like live audio, audio or video room, these friends. So those are already video rooms on Facebook, but you can also select live audio.

So that’s cool. Well, yes, Mark Zuckerberg, John Clubhouse and on his profile also like Sheryl Sandberg and head of Instagram. And there was a meme on clubhouse, people who are discussing like how many weeks will it take until this feature is life on one until clubhouse like feature is live on Instagram or Facebook. And then Mark Zuckerberg in his bio on the clubhouse, basically just told something like shit out of this. And then Sheryl Sandberg saw it and Instagram had just all reposted this phrase.

So it’s pretty funny. But in the end, of course, they’re doing some similar feature.

So what else? So we have already discovered Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

And now also I did a video about telegram. So Telegram, which is like a messenger app, super popular actually in Eastern Europe, in Russia, but is gaining traction because a lot of people are switching from WhatsApp to to telegram because kind of telegram is more secure and Telegram doesn’t share your data with Facebook. So a telegram also has voice features and now they announce something like voice chat to zero and basically in telegram channels or telegram groups. Now you can create this voice chat and also.

Yeah, and you can invite up to one million listeners because like in the clubhouse, there are like there is a cap like five thousand. Eight thousand. So that includes Skype every time. But basically that’s that’s what it is. So yeah. So now also a telegram has that. So all the apps are basically running after this live stream and social experience. So this is the mind, like the mind, the coolest feature right now in all these consumer apps and basically this new wave of Real-Time audio gave some new engagement and new opportunities in consumer apps because a lot of investors are to than that consumer apps basically done.

It’s not possible to get an investment in that area and all of that, but it seems with realtime audio.

These apps, consumer apps are still hot and still interesting. So this is just my five cents, so check it out, definitely check out clubhouse. A lot of people right now are leaving. Clubhouse is become the game to spy, too. Me, but I still discover some interesting rooms and there are some super interesting new experiences. People are experimenting and creating a lot of ways to interact with the audience. A lot of super interesting formats. So before it was just like, hey, I’m a speaker, I’m speaking on the stage and you are the audience.

You are listening now. There are more interactions, more formats. People try to find themselves, got more followers. So it’s actually a fun time. Of course, there are a lot of all this kind of bullshit coaches who are trying to sell you courses for like thousands of dollars, but try to avoid them. Just follow them and keep your hollway in the in the nice to keep it just died and you still can find some interesting rooms, some clubhouse.

But let’s see how it evolves and how other big names in tech, copying and getting this feature are, of course, like Slack, like Stewart Butterfield. He was in the room and clubhouse and he just sat straight. And also that was the clubhouse from found there in that room. He just told us, like, yeah, we will build something like that in CELAC as well. So there you have it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Mrhackio.

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