Pokemon Sleep app - when is it available?

The much-anticipated Pokemon Sleep app is finally on its way, bringing a new way to track your sleep patterns. This app allows users to combine it with the Pokemon Go Plus device, which acts as a button that can be placed near your bed or phone. With this combination, you can easily monitor your sleep habits and gain insight into your overall sleep quality.

As exciting as this sounds, the Pokemon Sleep app is not yet available to the general public. According to the information provided on the Pokemon website, the official release date is set for summer 2023. This means that fans will have to wait patiently before they can start using this app and exploring its features.

However, Android users can get a head start by pre-ordering the app on the Google Play Store. So if you're an Android user, you can secure your spot to be among the first to experience the Pokemon Sleep app and take advantage of its sleep tracking capabilities.

Unfortunately, iPhone owners will have to wait a little longer. As of now, the app is not yet available on iOS devices. It's unclear when it will be released on the Apple App Store, but Pokemon enthusiasts can rest assured that it will be coming in due time.

The Pokemon Sleep app aims to encourage healthy sleep habits while offering an entertaining and interactive experience. It seems that Pokemon Go players will soon have another way to immerse themselves in the Pokemon universe, even when they're fast asleep.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of the Pokemon Sleep app. As the summer of 2023 approaches, fans can look forward to incorporating this exciting sleep tracking tool into their daily routine.

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