- super quick overview

hello everyone so super quick overview of post news app there are more and more users on this website it's considered one of the top alternatives for Twitter but you can only get it via writing list there are more than 100 000 people on the waiting list right now I don't know how I did get in maybe yeah it was because I was just early so I just signed up for the waiting list and I was just accepted like few days later but then I received email that uh yeah uh there are more than 100 000 people right now so go to and try to sign up for the waiting list anyways the app looks very minimalistic it's kind of super similar to Twitter there is no app itself you can't find it on Google Play store or Android or just the IOS app store is just a website if you want the app experience you just step in top left and then you just type in style pop uh post app and then you can just add the home screen icon like this on Safari browser and then just tap this option and then you will just open kind of it will have the feel of the mobile app when you have an appcon but it still will open in your Safari web browser and then you just have the home feed uh you can tip people here so there are there is interesting concept which is like points where you can tip people with different points uh if you want to add them you you you can buy more points for like 300 points for four dollars or something when you just create your account um you instantly get 50 points and you can just follow people you can unfollow people you can go to to their profiles um so yeah I must say that this app is still in the early uh early stages if there are seems like some kind of bugs and the the like the features are quite basic but it does the job it does the main functionality um it's very I I like this very light design there is nothing uh like additional uh you don't have like 50 buttons everywhere it's very like minimalistic and lightweight even for a web app and then yeah it's like super similar to Twitter you can share posts you can flag posts you can uh uh design you can just comment you can tip you can reshare uh and all of that so to create a new post just tap on the pencil icon in the bottom right uh you can just write some posts you can attach images then and your icon interprise you can change your audience everyone only followers only readers mentioned but for some reason I can't tap it it doesn't work yet then you can decide to share your content with all your followers on Twitter but it doesn't work yet and you can also hide it on their paywall so that's another interesting feature so you can just create this post and add like a pie wall to it um so that's super interesting so as a Creator you already have two ways of monetizing contact content first you just create like long form content more than 280 characters and hide it under firewall second you can receive all these deep jars then you have your payments dashboard you can see all your transactions you can see all your points uh you can see your follow-ups and followers there aren't that many people yet on this app I think it's like tens of thousands but there are hundreds of thousands in the waiting list then there are settings you can change your mail and password change payments read more about it you can reach out to help and support for example if you want to delete your account you can do it via help and support or ask any other questions just ask them in like in the standard intercom chat so something like that and yeah so that's basically it that's the app if you want to customize your profile just go here and you can change your banner or profile picture it's not possible to change handle so you only select handle when you create your account but that's that you can add your location bio and then your display name but that's it and then you can also add Twitter uh uh Facebook Instagram LinkedIn all of that uh yeah also when you create an account I think it's possible to log in with Twitter so you can automatically connect that account anyhow this is the app super smooth uh super interesting uh and thank you for watching

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