PostParty app - FULL OVERVIEW

so what is post party app so I just created an account here so yeah this is one of the top apps to super easily create clips from fortnite or rocket league so you just log into this official epic games account you can of course log in with like Facebook Google or Apple other services but um yeah and finally we'll just need epigens account and then here is just a full instruction you can watch some starter guide here so you just basically playing fortnite and then you can clip all of the moments you like and then you can just store them in this app and and share them with friends um so yeah that's basically the idea sign in with your epic games account and then just use the same account you're using for fortnite um and then yeah you can start clipping in game basically when you just have your controller you can you will see claims Clips are prompted after elimination and you can use it anytime and then just press buttons on your controller basically and all these clips will be shared to uh yeah to to this app so you can use it in fortnite or rocket League and there you have it and then uh these clips will be stored here and then you will just can share them anywhere you can also filter out like this uh from fortnite rocket League then you can just filter out you can update to see if there is some new clips from fortnite rocket league so you have that yeah and it's like super handy app just for for your mobile phones to then super easily share with your friends and then you can just you know if you don't like the app you can delete an account but you will delete an account by deleting your epic games account and uh so there you have it you can capture game content you can delete Clips you can post party captures the last 30 seconds of gameplay to trim a clip open the clip preview and tap edit change the start and end point and hit save magic if you don't like your final edit you can always reward Clip Clips back to original so yeah cool app if you like to play fortnite and it's like super easy way to clip this moment and share them on Tick Tock YouTube shorts or whatever you're using

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