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So welcome to my podcast. Another quick recap of some interesting apps which you might want to download and try. So prequel app release. The major update where now you can add cartoon effect to basically generate cartoons and have much more amazing AI filters.Where you can just play. With yeah with your picture. Is there avatar? So cartoon effect? Check. How would you look if you are a cartoon character, a rich collection of AI facts variations that will make your pic looks illegally hot? Probably you've seen wise itself is hotter than me person Twitter. So now you know what they were all about. Are you ready to create your hot selfie wearing? Start telling your cartoon stories. Let's go. So that's the app. Yeah, basically prequel app. Want in top charts? Recently it's in #4 and photo and video and like yeah being something like you know one of those photo video editing apps which are like so many of those.It's actually becoming like the top grossing app. I think in this category because the whole idea is that you can take a photo or video and then you can apply all the different filters starting from like face editing like making perfect selfie to like. Media editing, adding all the all kinds of different filters and all of that, and then you can really post MI's in video on tick Tock or Snapchat or something like that.So the whole idea is that you can prepare your video to shine better on Snapchat and also of course Instagram realistic talk all of that and because the prequel is much like better, richer editor than. Than original tools seen Instagram reels or Tik T.O.K so you can really make your video stand out and you can make something like super special and super interesting, so that's that. So you can also. There are like bunch of subscriptions. There are free trials. Wrong. So yeah, interesting app. There are over 250,000 ratings in the App Store for .8 out of five average rating, so that's pretty amazing. That's really what happened. People like it because there are so many facts. And yeah, some people tell like that the app is a bit expensive if you want to upgrade, so you will be charged weekly, not monthly. The $5 amount. So just be careful so that. And Yep, so some people right. There is like some unsubscribe nightmare. So as soon as they downloaded the app, I want to subscriptions to cancel. I still got charged 499 week after week. So the app uses Apple API to also log in to website and create a login and subscription as well as collecting your apple in my address. So. So still it's it's super hard to unsubscribe. Yeah. So. They're hard, so you can contact his support. Map refusing to work but anyways. Very hard. I think the apple world became much better because you can see average rating here. So that's one app which is trending just in case what I'm describing, all this apps, I have a YouTube channel where I just constantly describe all different apps in the software, both B2C and B2B. And yeah, just interesting trends. And like another interesting app which caught my attention is called chit chat with AI bots and basically the idea is that you can swipe, chat and meet the AI. So basically you can just chat, have a little conversation with some. AI algorithmic bot like you would say what's new here is there are so many chat bots like there are so many chat bots which are helping businesses and all of that. There is like a replica app where you can have a girlfriend or something just by chatting with chat bot and stuff.But in this app there is a little trick little small feature which makes actually super fun so you can chat with this bot.But then you also can add friends in this chat so you can chat together with the bottom then.It's just great. This group conversation, which makes it super fun. So that's that from your morning cup of tea, brushing your teeth at night Child has the conversations to make your day. As you're a chatterbox attack fanatic, or simply looking for a laugh, there is something for everyone. Enjoy a never ending stream of a. I still love to chat with. Simply swipe to start chat. Personalized stream of rice. Based on what you like, who you speak to and which conversation you engage with the most. So that's basically the app. It's also in top charts recently in the App Store, so definitely search for chit chat with AI bots. So yeah, that's there are a bunch of apps which are called Chai. I don't know. It's a popular name, but yeah. That's just what it is. Arm. Yep, and let's just probably also go through some. Interesting other updates of the apps, so like. Microsoft. Uh. It's trying to roll out its own App Store. It's hoping to get ahead of regulation and wins the FTC's approval for its 68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which will be the largest deal in the company history if it goes through. And Yep, so. Microsoft trying to build its own App Store. And it wants to have its own principles. It looks like it wants to distance itself from giants like Apple and Google. From all this there was so much outrage with the Apple Store, T percent cut on Twitter and there are constant paints with all of that. So Microsoft tries to build its own App Store after this acquisition, and we'll see how it goes. It can be pretty pretty exciting, so there you have it. Also, Apple introduces depth to pay on iPhone. Apple formula introduced a new capability that will soon allow you as margins to accept Apple pie credit and debit card payments and other digital words.We just adapt one iPhone to another. The NFC part feature would mean there would no longer be a need for a separate payment terminal and moved at some positions.I like ice, Esquire killer. That's not quite correct. It would potentially eliminate some of the needs in the market for peinemann dongles and terminals, but companies like Square aren't just selling hardware. So yeah. And then Apple says new functionality will be available to payment platforms and app developers in any coming iOS software update.Ah. So Yep, and Stripe would be one of the first payment platform to offer tap to pay on iPhone and including the Shopify point of Sale app starting this Sprint. Other payment platforms and apps will follow later this year. So there you have it, so that can be a huge deal actually yeah. So imagine instead if you go to the store you will just need to put your phone not to terminal but to other person's phone and that's it.Like you don't need to buy terminal, you don't need to. Got all of this stuff and yeah, so that's quite easy. Maybe it will be for some people. It will complicate things because you will need to learn iPhone and all of that like for example in Ukraine there is a large up here against the simple terminals.And all of that is just depends on the country, because yeah, if people feel that it's they're treated unfairly, then there can be some play up here or something just from the easier tools.But of course this is a super cool technology and I think some banks are already building apps and the whole suite of tools of course might be done square.We'll, we'll find that it's like a hard hardware gadget one be as much usable anymore.So that's. That's that Google release the first developer preview of Android 13. Uh. YouTube says it will expand access to shopping across this video platforms through shoppable videos.Live shopping. All of that. So there are already. You can already tag products on YouTube. I already receive some invitation to my child tested it out so far it doesn't perform that well on my channel, but if of course if you have a text channel which is describing. I'm like, you know, some tech gadgets and products that would be just out of the roof.I think that would be amazing feature. YouTube confirms its plans to get into NFT chief product Officer said he believes that you can add a lot of unique value to what people are doing in the space, which includes artists painting their work using it to match community interests. And crowdfunding to help creators. So Yep. So there you have it. So You Tube shorts, YouTube short form platform will gain new video effects editing capabilities and the ability to reply with video comments and super chat monetization tools detect giant tries to keep up with tick tock. Tumblr added a deep jar feature to its app on iOS and Android, which allows fans to donate directly to Humble creator. I didn't know the Tumblr still exists, but seems it still has some query core user base, which people who are also still enjoying the app. So there you have it. YouTube TV is getting error design so a lot of work on YouTube in the apps because with all the popularity of videos, YouTube is become really important. Share of Google out of its revenue. You could have seen it in the. Earnings so they have it. So Yep, that's basically it. That's just an overview for everyone. Hope that is helpful. Uh. Uhm? Thank you for listening. Check out my website Mr Hagger. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and let's catch up in the future episodes.

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