PrizePicks app - banned from creating account, can’t login - what you can do?

hate there so here is I'm just doing like a quick review of price Peak app and a lot of users either can't sign up or they have their ID under verification or uh it just has says price Peaks account under review and we'll back to you in 24 hours um so yeah like for some reason it's if it says that sometimes you can just can't be stuck there for months and nothing is happening so that's basically the idea uh I don't know what you can do you can go to their website and then you can just chat with representative and that's how you can enter their chat it's like a standard intercom chat then you can just send a message and maybe clarify your situation just explain why it's just taking so so much time and yeah for some accounts you just can't create them because uh it's only available in some states so it's not available across all USA uh so only only some states so maybe that's the issue

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